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Quote Kasplant Replybullet Topic: [PAID] DragonBreeZee Online RPG
    Posted: 17 October 2018 at 2:26am
Hi all!

I am creating a DB (Z, Super) themed Online RPG in a 2D top down style heavily inspired by the Legacy of Goku GBA games. The graphical style is based on the classic Breeze Revolution resources and edited tiles from the LoG games.

This project is a dream of mine for 10 years now and after multiple restarts I am finally at a point where I think a game can be released!

However, I need help. I am working full-time and even though I am serious about this project, itís a hobby and I canít work fulltime on this.

I am looking for:

    Content creators: People that want to help create maps/NPCs/Quests/Items/etc.

    Artists: I need people to help me create more characters, paperdolls and items.
    However, I am mostly in need of someone to help me create animations for spells/opening chests/level ups/etc.

If anyone is interested in working on this together and become a co-creator, please let me know!

If you are interested in helping out for pay, also let me know!

This game is made in Intersect. Intersect is an ORPG engine and until it goes open source, I am not in need of programmers. However, if you are a programmer and are interested, let me know and Iíll get back to you!

More about the project:

The gameplay is focused on 3 main elements:

    1.     Fast-paced, skill-based PvP combat and endgame raid bosses. We are using buffs/debuffs, stuns, dashes, beams and blasts to create a fun and action-packed combat system.

    2.     Collecting gear. Currently I have made over 150 paperdolls in 7 different slots which already means hundreds of thousands of combinations to create outfits. Players will be able to earn gear by progressing through the main storyline, as rewards from raid bosses or found in secret areas.

    3.     Unlockables. In DragonBreeZee the observant player will be able to find secret passageways, collectables and quests to unlock new areas, gear, items and spells.

The storyline I have created is basic but will guide the gameplay. In short: The player will be sent to different dimensions to restore the peace. The overworld will be the main area with mostly side-quests and things to do other than combat, such as exploring the areas and looking for collectables, but also to train non-combat skills such as crafting and farming. Farming will translate into creating HP/KI healing items and crafting will make it possible to add stat boosts to gear. In the overworld people can use their money to buy combat related items, buy upgradeable player houses or to gamble in the casino for more unique gear.

In the overworld will be a central area in which the players can travel to other dimensions. These other dimensions can range from Namek during the Frieza saga to Earth being ravaged by Cell and the Androids. These dimensions are like dungeons. There is a rough path that the player will follow, and the player will be able to 100% complete these dimensions. Completing the dimensions will advance the storyline but also unlock new areas and quests in the overworld. This works both ways, the players can actually finish an area, and updating the game with new content will be easy. A new expansion can just be a couple new dimensions with new quests, enemies and gear to collect.



Transformation and lighting effects show off:

Show off NPCís and cutscene capabilities:

(WIP) Casino system

IP IP Logged
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