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Quote Golbez22 Replybullet Topic: [CLOSED] Top down resource management assets
    Posted: 02 December 2018 at 10:06pm
I'm toying with a few ideas and I want to start prototyping them.

I'm looking for two things a character and a tileset to test things with.

so I am looking for an artist to create a base sprite and some animations (depending on price it might be a few different base models as I have some ideas)

I have found a few references I can provide, but the artist can have free reign stylistically if I like the looks since I haven't laid that groundwork yet.

The only requirements which stem from the gameplay are that the perspective is 3/4 top down, and the character needs 8 directional movement. Oh and my preference is to hardcap it at 64x64 my sweet spot when I make stuff Is usually like 48x48

I don't have all features figured out yet so the animations I need are as follows (to give me some cover-all)
-run (this will probably be the main movement in the game)
-pick up object from the ground (probably will double as a crop planting/harvesting animation)
-swing over shoulder (mining is what I have in mind but could be used for drawing a weapon or casting a fishing pole)
-some sort of arm thrust (maybe punch, maybe stab, maybe really hard knock on door)
-talking (I want a little life in the down time so some sort of idle movement that conveys a conversation)
-sleep (this is probably a two parter with the going to the laying position and then the sleeping loop)
-fall to ground (this could be from combat, exhaustion, or whatever else may make you fold onto the ground)

I'll keep it as concise as I can and leave it there.

in case you are interested I'm thinking of making something which at its roots is kind of like Rimworld but actively co-op oriented, and where you can switch between gods eye view to manage stuff in broad strokes, or posses an avatar to more directly be in the world as a player.

-Payments will be via Paypal (we can discuss it on a per person basis, I plan to pay you fairly not asking for a handout)
-You can be credited in game or stay an anonymous freelancer your call
-please give me some basic info about yourself and a portfolio (I'm not looking for a company freelance) you can include rates or we can discuss that at a later date

Thank you for your consideration
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Quote JayKnox Replybullet Posted: 03 December 2018 at 12:12pm
Hello there, I'm Jay Knox. I've been doing pixel work for the last 4 years and have plenty of experience making sprites, backgrounds, and tiles.

You can see my pixel and concept sketching portfolio here:

If you're interested, I can be most easily reached by email at jayknoxart [at]

Hope to hear from you, and best of luck with the game!
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Quote itoaragon Replybullet Posted: 05 December 2018 at 3:55am

I'd be interested in this project :)

I'm Ito, pixel artist/2D generalist based in Seville, Spain, with 10+ years of experience.

My portfolio: Ito2dartist.

My contact info: itoaragon [at] hotmail [dot] com

Looking forward to know more about your project :)

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