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[OPP] File management

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Topic: [OPP] File management
Posted By: Hapiel
Subject: [OPP] File management
Date Posted: 16 June 2013 at 12:09pm
Hi guys

Thanks for the AMAZING support! I would like to claim that the OPP is a huge success!
In less than a month time the community has created a game worthy jungle tileset, and submissions are still coming in every other day! Thank you so much! :D

Since the start I knew that file management would become a problem in the future, but I had not expected it to be an issue so quickly.

I am looking for a solution for the following problems:

  • Managing files
    Easy to view and give a good impression
    Easy to download all finished tiles for game programmers
    Easy to see which tiles are WIP
    Easy to update files and add new ones
  • Color management
    Right now already some colors slightly start to differ from the original DB32 ones. How do we quickly check and fix colors on files?
  • Update vs extra
    How much variety do we want, and in which cases should just a new style be picked? For example with A3um's new ground tiles, I think they can replace mine. How do we make these decisions?
  • Mini todo
    While trying to make a nice mockup I discovered that many tiles were still missing, other tiles could be cut out in a different way to be more flexible. How do we keep track of these kind of mini notes and who would enjoy solving these problems

Does anyone have a suggestion on how we could keep track of what we are doing? Noburo already took the initiative to start a http:// - public gDrive which might be a good start but is not yet completely up to date!

Posted By: Hapiel
Date Posted: 16 June 2013 at 12:15pm
So for me file management in an easy way is most important now.

I have three ideas so far:
Setting up a github/sourceforge project.
Comes with many add ons, but is manly made for code not art. We'd need a volunteer to work hard and keep those up to date, and special effort needs to be made for it's presentation and giving a good first impression

Setting up a wiki
I have no experience with this, but it is a mass collaboration tool that allows everyone to edit though you can still restore vandalism easily.
Every set would get its own page, its own 'talk page' on which a todo could be handled as well. Easy? I don't know how well a wiki  will work for handling media though

Building a custom site
This could start with just a folder crawler that displays all images which is basically a worse version of the drive, but if someone enjoys a challenge a custom system that allow people to submit, edit, discuss files etc that would be awesome!

So far a wiki is my favorite idea. Does anyone have experience with wiki's?


Posted By: Noburo
Date Posted: 16 June 2013 at 3:27pm
The link to the Google Drive above is broken. Here is the correct link.

Edit: Link removed because system is no longer in place.

Posted By: Hapiel
Date Posted: 17 June 2013 at 4:14am
Thanks for the fixed link, I was too lazy to update it before.

I will be travelling for the next week from on tomorrow, when I come back I plan to launch a wiki unless another more brilliant idea gets suggested. I see more and more how this would work :)


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