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[OPP] Wiki

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Category: Pixel Art
Forum Name: OPP
Forum Discription: Open Pixel Platformer Project
Printed Date: 23 May 2019 at 10:45am

Topic: [OPP] Wiki
Posted By: Hapiel
Subject: [OPP] Wiki
Date Posted: 25 June 2013 at 7:14am
Wow guys, this got out of hand so fast!
Can you imagine that the very first tile was submitted only a month ago? Imagine what could be there within a year time! Keep up the enthusiasm ;)

However, I lost track of all the discussions, the topics are a mess and I don't know how I should update the first post in a clever way.

Therefore I present to you: - The Open Pixel Platformer Wiki

Finally, really really open discussion! Not me having control over the front page/post, anyone can edit and improve!

It does have some disadvantages of course, for example all of you guys are used to using the PJ forums and feel comfortable here.
I invite all of you to continue the discussions and submissions at the wiki, but if you post something here I bet there will be a volunteer (or me)to move your artwork to the right place.

How does the wiki work?

You can upload images (see 'upload files' in the left bar), add categories to them such as 'jungle' or 'wip'. Files can be updated over and over, for example when new tiles are added to the set.

Every file should be put on a page, such as - this one here for the jungle tiles . On the page there is a list of contributors, possibly a todo list and a mockup.

All of these pages automatically have a ' - talk ' page, where you can discuss. Feel free to drop a comment, question etc etc.

By categorisation it should be easy to find what ever you need.

What I need from you
So far I uploaded most of the jungle set works.
Please help me with uploading the village set and creating a page for it.

You will notice that the front page is a bit empty, and so are the instructional pages. If you can add information, please do so! If you have any doubt over what should happen to a page, use the discussion page behind it!
Please note that to upload files you need to register at the wiki.


This wiki requires that I upload a logo. Would anyone be interested in making one? Recommended size is 135x135

See you at - the wiki !

Posted By: gogglecrab
Date Posted: 27 June 2013 at 5:50pm
How's this for a wiki logo?

just a quick thing I threw together!

Posted By: Hapiel
Date Posted: 27 June 2013 at 6:09pm
Awesome! :D


Posted By: IllicitPixel
Date Posted: 07 July 2013 at 9:35pm
I still have no idea what OPP is ?

EDIT: Nvm, I do now.

Posted By: Noburo
Date Posted: 01 August 2013 at 6:45am
We're getting some serious spam on the OPP wiki. We should look into setting up some sort of captcha system for creating a new user account.

Posted By: Hapiel
Date Posted: 01 August 2013 at 2:30pm
Yeah, I noticed and looked it up. Fixing should only take an hour or so, but I have been too lazy & busy to implement.

As long as they only spam their own user page most people will never notice, so I thought I could delay fixing the problem for a bit.
I will clean up and add a captcha system when I get back from my tour in about 2 weeks time!


Posted By: Noburo
Date Posted: 02 August 2013 at 11:13am
Uhhh.... Over 500 new users accounts have been created.... I mean I don't mind, but it will be a pain to clean up.

Aaaaannnddd the spam caused your webhost to suspend traffic to the website.

Posted By: Damian
Date Posted: 04 August 2013 at 4:38pm
Noburo, I don't think he can do anything about it until he comes back from tour either :/

Another site that will be down for a couple of days due to site maintenance, is the website, which currently hosts the cave tileset thread, of which I've recently tried to contribute to and get moving further. I guess that was a lost cause. haha, oh well.

Posted By: Hapiel
Date Posted: 09 August 2013 at 1:59am
Okay, lesson learned, don't postpone spam fixage. I hoped the mediawiki software was better than this...

I am making an effort to get the stuff back online but it might take a few days!


Posted By: Damian
Date Posted: 09 August 2013 at 3:40am
Well, both your website and the wiki seem to be working again. That was quick.

You might find some of this useful:

Posted By: Hapiel
Date Posted: 09 August 2013 at 4:38am
That was only a temporarily fix. The wiki is now down and needs to be fixed offline.
OpenGameArt has possibly offered to host the wiki so I am checking the possibilities with Bart, otherwise I will have to fix everything myself but that will take a while.


Posted By: Damian
Date Posted: 09 August 2013 at 4:42am
Well, if you come stuck with hosting the wiki, let me know, and then I'll have a swing at hosting it ;)

Posted By: DDR
Date Posted: 11 August 2013 at 10:49am
We could put it up on github, if we're OK with linking it to the engine. And recreating what we already have by hand. Github isn't going anywhere, I should think. -

Alternatively, we could make a new repo for the wiki to separate the content from the engine.

Posted By: Hapiel
Date Posted: 11 August 2013 at 5:52pm
Great suggestion DDR!

So guys, we need more opinions on this.
  1. OpenGameArt has offered to host the wiki under
  2. We rebuild the wiki on github

Advantages to OGA

  • Potentially draws in the OGA community
  • Own wiki software allows for more customization which also results in:
    Easier file browsing
    More attractive look to visitors that are unfamiliar with GitHub
  • Local hosted files allows for better management
  • As long as it is in Bart's interest to host us this will be a stable location.
  • Keeps the project separated from the engine. There will be people contributing to the spriteset without contributing to the game.

Advantages to GitHub

  • Potentially draws in the open source community
  • GitHub seems to be stable and reliable
  • Intergrated with the game engine repro. It will be clear for everyone that the goal is this game even though other appliances are allowed.

I know what I would prefer, but this decision is not up to me. Please let me know what you think would be the best choice and why!


Posted By: M.E.
Date Posted: 11 August 2013 at 10:54pm
My vote goes to OGA:

  • It is a (2D) game art related site
  • It is running for quite some time now
  • File browsing is almost a requirement
  • Looks nice
  • Draws pixel artists and programmers to the project

Best regards from

------------- - M.E. Art

Posted By: Noburo
Date Posted: 12 August 2013 at 1:48pm
Would the OGA solution just be the same wiki page hosted on another server, or would it be different? If it's the same, I think it makes the most sense to do that. People are already getting used to it, and constantly changing tools around on people might deter involvement simply out of confusion.

Posted By: Hapiel
Date Posted: 13 August 2013 at 1:49am
Okay guys, the wiki will move to OGA soon :). Yes it will be the same as before except with extra less spam ;)


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