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Pixel Art Styles

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Printed Date: 18 June 2019 at 12:15am

Topic: Pixel Art Styles
Posted By: KSGuills
Subject: Pixel Art Styles
Date Posted: 24 July 2017 at 8:33pm

Hello everybody!

Guys I have a question, is there somewhere on the internet, a reliable list of pixel art styles that someone could use to pinpoint and reference a desired style?

I mean, there are, as I understand, styles defined by the Eras such as 8bit, 16bit, As well as low, med and high res.

Yet there are styles such as this:

What the hell is that :o!

As I understand it is indeed, pixel art, but I could be wrong. Can you someone enlighten me please? Thank you!

Posted By: eishiya
Date Posted: 25 July 2017 at 6:43am
Yes, that's pixel art. There's pixel-level control, that's what makes it pixel art. Adherence to specs of retro hardware is not a defining feature of pixel art.

A list like you want would have as many entries as there are pixel artists in the world. It's impractical.

Even within 8bit games, there are many styles, and even more in the 16bit era, and the styles keep getting more diverse with larger sprites, since there are more pixels and therefore more different ways to arrange them to convey the same basic idea (such as "person").

The sprites you showed are just fanart for fanart's sake, they're not game sprites. They would be impractical to animate for an actual game.

If you're looking for example games of certain sprite sizes, palette sizes, and perspectives, that would be another story, though such a list would also likely be incomplete.

Posted By: KSGuills
Date Posted: 25 July 2017 at 9:17am
I see, thanks for the detailed response!

Posted By: Ails
Date Posted: 25 July 2017 at 12:01pm
That's AbyssWolf's style. 100% original AbyssWolf

Posted By: hseiken
Date Posted: 14 April 2018 at 3:15pm
Originally posted by eishiya

The sprites you showed are just fanart for fanart's sake, they're not game sprites. They would be impractical to animate for an actual game.

Except art that detailed has been in multiple games by multiple companies and even at ridiculous levels of frames per animation.


Guilty Gear
Art of Fighting 3
Neo Turfmasters
Metal Slug
Street Fighter 3
King of Fighters 12
etc. etc.

It's not unpossible, but you need a team that is full of people without ego to work together to make a single style, you need professional traditional animators, finishers, liners, etc...basically the opposite of how America handles such endeavors to save money and gain fame because they'll point to specifically something they did for their sizzle reel rather than serving the greater project itself. Superstars need not apply.

Posted By: Cathoderay
Date Posted: 17 April 2018 at 4:38pm
ahh FFX. that was my favourite! Good old Ps2, the legend never dies.

Posted By: PixelMart
Date Posted: 15 August 2018 at 1:05am
about pixelart styles

is there a pixelart name for the japanese style with chibi like proportions often seen for some old rpgs but also on some action side scrolling games?

Posted By: eishiya
Date Posted: 15 August 2018 at 8:11am
I don't think so, people usually use descriptive terms like "24px chibi" (whgich is very vague) or "[whatever game] style".

Posted By: ConnyNordlund
Date Posted: 24 January 2019 at 7:11am
I've come to learn that you should never try and describe anything visual with just words alone. You think you're making sense but someone else might not see the same image in their heads.

I work as an animator and whenever someone come up to me at work and says something like: can you make it feel more like an X and some Y. I always ask them for video reference of what they have in mind. Because otherwise you're just running around in circles with the person forever.

So I'd say, just make your own library of references you like so that it's easier to talk about. Search for games, artists and things that are specific. Because people's definition of "chibi" or "stylistic" will differ greatly.

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