Shiraku @ 10/16/2007 05:36 commented on patrick

Blah! xD Congratulations to those who've placed.

Shiraku @ 10/7/2007 16:34 commented on Big Bird
Well I'm finally finished my contest entry. ^_^

Shiraku @ 8/31/2007 10:08 commented on nightmare samuraļ
Ah, I see it now. But I feel that it's a bit too dark. Good job though.

Shiraku @ 8/30/2007 16:28 commented on nightmare samuraļ

Aw, I can't see it... The preview teases me. <_<

Shiraku @ 8/27/2007 10:46 commented on A day of rain...

Awesome. Instant vote. ^_^

Shiraku @ 8/25/2007 14:51 commented on Big Bird

Thanks. Now I know I've used 28 colors for the Rainy Day contest. ^_^

Shiraku @ 8/25/2007 14:27 commented on Big Bird
Could anyone give me a link to a program that gives the amount of colors an image has? Because I kind of lost track on how much colors I used. xD

Shiraku @ 8/24/2007 20:42 commented on Rain Wind Tree
Now that's pretty cool. Great job.

Shiraku @ 8/22/2007 19:39 commented on Big Bird
@Monkey: I've been doing that but due to my habit of being a perfectionist... doesn't really go so well. Ha. I'll just keep trying.

Shiraku @ 8/22/2007 15:35 commented on Big Bird

I have yet to discover a technique to sprite clouds. <_<

Shiraku @ 8/20/2007 08:57 commented on 24x24 console icons (updated)
Very nice. I still have my SNES.

Shiraku @ 8/19/2007 16:47 commented on Big Bird
Sure, why not? ^_^

Shiraku @ 8/19/2007 15:19 commented on Big Bird
How long do approvals usually take? *New Here* xD