Labbe100 @ 10/30/2017 08:31 commented on Zhrek

What a style ! 

Labbe100 @ 2/2/2017 17:47 commented on Character practices

Love that idea between beautifull fresh pastel colors and limitation. That remind for exemple adaptation of arcade game like street fighter alpha on super nintendo (absolutely charming). That feel really fresh, love the barbarian, the magician and the  knight :-)

Labbe100 @ 2/2/2017 17:33 commented on Plague Knight

This so cool !really like to see those animation in a game 

Labbe100 @ 1/29/2017 11:25 commented on Tiny DB32-piano!

pretty micro piano, love the animation of notes 

Labbe100 @ 1/27/2017 03:51 commented on Cave level Mockup

Thank so much for your returns  

Labbe100 @ 1/25/2017 12:02 commented on BOO!

Impressive !! 8-O !

Labbe100 @ 7/22/2015 09:19 commented on Parkour Forest

Can't stop watching it ! Parallax are wonderful, everithing is wonderful !
Would like to play !!! 

Labbe100 @ 6/17/2015 13:52 commented on Rpg Tileset (unfinished project)

Thanks guys for your comments
I would like to make some more details, more vegetations, water and some ground patterns with relief (for more lighting effect), more houses and installations... 
This is an old picture and I did not go after my ambition... but maybe I want to show you that :)


Labbe100 @ 6/17/2015 03:54 commented on Dark Monk

very nice character,  I love the design of his hands. So preety

Labbe100 @ 2/7/2015 06:25 commented on Dragon Twins

I have see that on, love it ;)  

Labbe100 @ 2/6/2015 03:51 commented on Everlasting Tower - Game Screenshot

It looks very playable, I like the contrast between the man and the background.

It looks like a funny game ^^

Love the title screen

Labbe100 @ 2/5/2015 03:04 commented on ComaLand

Omg ! Thank you this is wonderful !

Labbe100 @ 1/31/2015 09:52 commented on Vertical shooter mockup

thanks for the link Veto
I would be a fantastic game ! I search the hucard for pc engine, I don't find it, It would be rare

I was fortly inspired by Mega Turrican for that "weird and pink elements" without really compare it.
And maybe, but this is really unconsciously by the design of this man on this forum who made "havoc" shooter with very interesting designs, I hope we wiil no think witch I have copy it, this is really not my goal. I very want to do that, and follow my idea.

Labbe100 @ 1/31/2015 09:16 commented on Vertical shooter mockup

Thanks ;D

Labbe100 @ 1/30/2015 13:21 commented on Ski Free

WoW ! LoL ^^ 

Labbe100 @ 1/30/2015 12:53 commented on Vertical shooter mockup

For information, I've posted other picture with the tiles of this level (will arrive...) This is the original version with clean palette.  

Labbe100 @ 1/30/2015 12:49 commented on Vertical shooter mockup

Thanx, so what is truxton ? 

Labbe100 @ 1/30/2015 12:47 commented on Vertical shooter mockup

Thanks for your comment. 

This is a litte old picture, I have made some layers (Tree for the Background + the sprites) And I think I wanted replaced color palette at the end and make some awkwardness in the final modification. I wanted to go fast.
So I do not know the exact number, I think it might be better exploit. I rely on the final rendering and less rigorous.

Labbe100 @ 1/30/2015 12:46 commented on Vertical shooter mockup

Labbe100 @ 1/30/2015 10:35 commented on Microkorg

Pretty gallery ! I'm a midi lover ;) 

Labbe100 @ 1/30/2015 06:50 commented on Platformer Cave level 01

Yes, Thanks man ;) 

Labbe100 @ 6/5/2009 13:12 commented on What has science done?

hey ! this is a nice caracter

Labbe100 @ 5/26/2009 02:50 commented on Mossy Rockowl - Weekly Challenge

lol perfect !

Labbe100 @ 5/2/2009 06:11 commented on Plagued - GB Challenge

Wow ultra finest !
I make a RPG game to for this challenge, that will be hard... lol

Labbe100 @ 3/28/2009 17:28 commented on Space marine

I like a lot ! I agree with you for the way you use that dark palette