flobdoobly @ 7/7/2007 12:14 commented on aDDD

Jalsono, you are incredible

you have my complete, absolute, utter R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

flobdoobly @ 7/7/2007 06:32 commented on Battleship
i love your work so much!! the shading on this is immaculate. Can't wait to see it animated...

flobdoobly @ 7/6/2007 14:11 commented on soda ROFL

oh WOW!!! I love this, it's like a cute version of your old avator, oh i love it i love it, what a sweet idea!

*spaz over* : \

flobdoobly @ 7/6/2007 09:31 commented on Run, Robot, Run
the shading, his expression, everything here is just amazing! I know this may sound a little odd, but the eyebrows seem to really fit into the piece. thanks so much for your comments on my W.I.P. thread, they're excellent-o and i'm working on them right now! cheers me dear :]

flobdoobly @ 7/6/2007 09:26 commented on Paint Madness Avatar

i really like. I think the stickman on the computer screen is sweet!
oh yer, and the shading on your bloke is really good!

flobdoobly @ 7/5/2007 10:04 commented on Mario stamp

i think the hat is really excellento, and the eyes are really good : ]

flobdoobly @ 7/4/2007 13:27 commented on Monkey 'o Doom ROFL
this piece is a JOYGASM!! so happy :D

flobdoobly @ 7/4/2007 10:24 commented on Toon bus
i think this is really cute!! the black outline is very effective, and i like the choice of colour for the windows.

flobdoobly @ 7/3/2007 13:23 commented on HISTORY LESSON

cheers me dears!!

flobdoobly @ 7/3/2007 09:53 commented on Eye
beautiful!! hope you turn this into a face that'd be grrrreat.

flobdoobly @ 7/3/2007 09:48 commented on Special Treatment
ahhh this is so freaky! but amazing pixel art...go you!

flobdoobly @ 7/3/2007 09:44 commented on pacman-imation
nice idea. like it!

flobdoobly @ 7/3/2007 09:42 commented on the wolf vs little red hood

this one messes with my mind i tell ye!

really good job!!

flobdoobly @ 7/3/2007 09:41 commented on Cartoon Ape
...this would look so cool animated. excellent charecter.

flobdoobly @ 7/3/2007 09:39 commented on Collectable Card #82514

funny funny.

the question mark confuzzles me a bit though...bit too much a.a. methinks...

flobdoobly @ 7/3/2007 09:36 commented on Colossal Katamari
i love this so much...and i also love the fact it was made on mspaint :) :)

flobdoobly @ 7/3/2007 09:32 commented on Emote Pic 22-06-07

i love these.
esp. the yellow one!!

flobdoobly @ 7/3/2007 09:30 commented on Anlina
i can never get over how amazingly realistic this is!! flawless.

flobdoobly @ 7/3/2007 09:27 commented on Exocet's Rabbit Revenge
this is amazingly, depressingly good.

flobdoobly @ 7/3/2007 09:25 commented on My Avatar

try chaning the border on the main big box from black to grey...?
love the shading on the little ball thingies!!

flobdoobly @ 7/3/2007 09:23 commented on Touch Me

*wipes tear from eye*
randomness at its finest :)

flobdoobly @ 7/3/2007 09:19 commented on Fork You!

pure, complete, genius.

the idea's AMAZING!!, but i agree about the text needing a bit of improvement...

flobdoobly @ 7/3/2007 09:16 commented on Ice Cream

this makes me feel hungry...*drools*

flobdoobly @ 7/3/2007 09:12 commented on RubberDuck
i lurrrve the duck!! is it wearing shades by any chance?

flobdoobly @ 7/1/2007 12:14 commented on HISTORY LESSON

:D :D :D :D :D

the comments mean so much to me -thanks!! finally, i got an accepted piece!
p.s. the duck sits next to me in history class. its name is Nico.