SoloSalsero @ 4/16/2019 06:52 commented on Sphere

Thank you so much Theoden, yes it is.

SoloSalsero @ 4/15/2019 22:41 commented on Dancer

Thank you MicmasH.That would be mind blowing 

SoloSalsero @ 4/9/2019 08:34 commented on Self Portrait

So great  

SoloSalsero @ 4/1/2019 04:42 commented on Mini Griffon

Great, looks better  Raavieeld

SoloSalsero @ 3/31/2019 18:09 commented on Mini Griffon

Fine, but it was supposed to be maximum 12 colors

SoloSalsero @ 3/31/2019 07:54 commented on Clouds

Thank you so much polyducks, it was a real challenge to achieve it

SoloSalsero @ 3/29/2019 13:38 commented on The Wee Blue Ranger

Thank you so much Adarias

SoloSalsero @ 3/29/2019 07:41 commented on The Wee Blue Ranger

In addition, the way to find this discussion is from the main page and scroll down to find the topic (Pixel Art Challenge: Tiny Monsters), but if I enter from the navigation menu Features > Challengues (Weekly!) the discussion doesn't appear

SoloSalsero @ 3/29/2019 07:35 commented on The Wee Blue Ranger

I'm confused, what is the challenge this week (March 29, 2019)?

SoloSalsero @ 3/29/2019 06:32 commented on Mustache Rider

Yeah, thank you Julius Cesarius

SoloSalsero @ 3/29/2019 06:31 commented on Craft Vase

Thank you Julius Cesarius

SoloSalsero @ 3/29/2019 06:31 commented on Clouds

Thank you so much IllusionOfMana, it really took me a long time to do it

SoloSalsero @ 2/3/2018 17:24 commented on Space Station

Yes Taertage, at that time that piece had many problems and errors, one of them was the excessive use of colors. After a period of practice in pixel art, I could identify them and the piece was arranged almost from scratch.

SoloSalsero @ 1/30/2018 13:37 commented on Space Station

Thank you so much moondrome. I really appreciate it.

SoloSalsero @ 1/30/2018 09:32 commented on Space Station

Hapiel you have very right, many lines are not 45° o 90°. Anyway thank you very much.

SoloSalsero @ 1/30/2018 09:30 commented on Space Station

Thank you so much Irenaart

SoloSalsero @ 1/29/2018 15:28 commented on Diddy Kong

Hi. I have submitted my piece for this challenge. Please have it on mind. Thank you

SoloSalsero @ 12/26/2017 13:37 commented on Hate Orange Man

Je je je, the worst orange ever  Thank you jackhummer

SoloSalsero @ 12/24/2017 08:19 commented on Hate Orange Man

Je je je, but without Hate please

SoloSalsero @ 11/28/2017 16:33 commented on light practice 1

Yes, I editted the piece, when I changed it, doesn't appeared the Submit for Challengue box, again, you have problems with the plattform. How we can be sure about our pieces are correctly uploades if the plattform has problem and it doesn't show the pieces for a week and more? This is really sad. Then, now, we cann't reupload the challengue pieces, got it.

SoloSalsero @ 11/27/2017 18:35 commented on light practice 1

It seems that the problems continue? I have seen that it is not the first time it happens. Is there the possibility of implementing an "entries confirmation system for the weekly challenge"?

SoloSalsero @ 11/27/2017 18:32 commented on light practice 1

Nop Mandrill, I checked, I'm completely sure, that's why I was so interested to know why it had not appeared before the vote

SoloSalsero @ 11/27/2017 09:30 commented on light practice 1

Hi. My entry is not listed (

SoloSalsero @ 11/24/2017 19:05 commented on Pinoy I

Ja ja ja, I know, sorry, I just wanted to appeal to the pixel community to see if it was possible to do something, but, no way, it is not possible to enter. Sorry for bothering with that here. Well Mandrill, here we will be aware of the progress with these problems, it's just that I want to continue participating actively.

Thank you

SoloSalsero @ 11/23/2017 19:59 commented on Pinoy I

Hi guys, I want to ask:

  • What have happened with the "Mustache" challenge?
  • Why have appeared some entries?
  • Why we don't have new challenge yet?
  • And, why do not you give a little more deadline for the sign ups in Secret Santa this year?