sputnik @ 3/31/2008 23:36 commented on Solar Boy Django
Nice job on the scarf animation

sputnik @ 2/21/2008 02:50 commented on Pixel - Roliana Map 1 + 2
I love the Bisque-ness :)
Great colour choices too, although some elements almost seem to 'float' on the light green bg.

sputnik @ 1/7/2008 16:26 commented on The Underwater
Cave story! I like the underwater concept.

sputnik @ 1/7/2008 01:45 commented on Kikimora
I love the greens. And the little frog. And how the forest fades into the bg. Actually I love the whole piece, that's why I'm faving it ^^

sputnik @ 1/7/2008 01:24 commented on Big Bird
oh I only just noticed happy b'day Blueberry_pie!

sputnik @ 1/6/2008 22:42 commented on I Do!
For a last minute entry this is uber impressive! lol if you win your own challenge...

sputnik @ 1/6/2008 22:40 commented on Big Bird

Maybe you could choose what smiley set you want to use in your user console... or different smiley sets could apply to different site themes.

sputnik @ 1/6/2008 22:28 commented on Big Bird
I don't really have a problem with the joints'  smilies, though I reckon it would be cool if we had a smiley challenge similar to pixelation...

sputnik @ 1/6/2008 01:34 commented on Smiley Set
There are a few wasted colours in there, should only be seven. Also, you should add a few more smilies besides the default, generic ones.

sputnik @ 1/6/2008 01:23 commented on Mini T-Rex
Looks great, although I suspect the preview file has some NPA properties...

sputnik @ 1/4/2008 16:59 commented on Big Bird
oh no my place is completely flooded and the road's gone under so it looks like I'm stranded out here (we live on acreage)

sputnik @ 1/4/2008 04:21 commented on Big Bird
Have a good one : )

sputnik @ 1/2/2008 20:14 commented on Rabbit race
Yay a mockup! Clever, though to be honest I don't like how the platforms look like 'bricks'. Totally hated!

sputnik @ 1/1/2008 02:41 commented on Big Bird
sorry guys I'm nearly a whole day late here but happy new year ^^

sputnik @ 12/25/2007 21:41 commented on Matrix Code
Aww I thought this would be animated... what if you did that and displayed it on a computer screen?

sputnik @ 12/25/2007 20:54 commented on Big Bird
I got a phone, some books and a lavalamp yay ^^

sputnik @ 12/24/2007 18:15 commented on Big Bird
merry christmas everyone!

sputnik @ 12/21/2007 22:29 commented on monsen

Yay! Finally got accepted... I absolutely love your style. Fav'd.

sputnik @ 12/21/2007 00:49 commented on Big Bird
Happy b'day Bisque!

sputnik @ 12/20/2007 19:08 commented on Big Bird
I was über-impressed with Seamonkey.

sputnik @ 12/19/2007 18:04 commented on Azureon Sprite
A refreshing addition to the Eevee family!

sputnik @ 12/17/2007 20:54 commented on Ukulele
Pronounced 'yoo-kah-LAY-lee'.

sputnik @ 12/16/2007 18:44 commented on the moon
I like this, though to be honest it's looking more like a crustacean covered rock than the moon.

sputnik @ 12/15/2007 21:32 commented on Bashful Girl
Much better preview!

sputnik @ 12/13/2007 16:04 commented on Emoticon Set 1
Awww I was expecting more smilies!