Wiredgirl @ 4/4/2008 12:28 commented on Spaceranger
As for women entering the industry naturally, I believe it's already happened for the women who are drawn to the way the industry is now, which is full of games about war, sports, puzzles and dungeon and dragon themes.  That's about %1.5 women who would be naturally interested in these sorts of things in the general population, which is about what you see in the industry.

Now, if you're a woman interested in horses, babies, fashion, chatting, makeup, cooking, dolls, sewing and knitting like my sister is, there is no way she'd work in the industry as it is now. She thinks we're all sick, sick monsters. (She even dislikes Super Mario Brother galaxy, because there's shooting and squashing of enemies, which is too aggressive.) To attract someone like her to the industry to make games for women like her, you'd have to pay her a ton of money, which is what Sony seems to be doing. 

I've worked in the game industry for many years and only know one female game designer. Martha completed
'Law & Order: Celebrity Betrayal' for Lime Life recently and designed an award winning multiplayer online game in Russia. She doesn't design games for women and we had to agree the one game aimed at women was hard for both of us to relate to.

"Playing poker is like getting a bikini wax!  *giggle" ????

The idea of getting some fresh blood in, who understand a growing market isn't a bad idea really.

Wiredgirl @ 3/23/2008 22:28 commented on BattleDragon
Sweet. Thanks Jal.

Wiredgirl @ 3/23/2008 22:27 commented on Wicked arrow
Nag, nag. 

Wiredgirl @ 3/23/2008 22:13 commented on BattleDragon
I'm having a devil of a time editing the barbarian entry I submitted. I've uploaded the change with the extra color I missed several times, but the correct version fails to show up in my gallery or the challenge. I've refreshed the webpage, so I know that's not it.


Wiredgirl @ 3/23/2008 21:23 commented on Tired barbarian
Drat. The edited version with 7 colors isn't showing up. Anybody know why? I should be able to edit this guy.

Wiredgirl @ 3/23/2008 20:30 commented on Tired barbarian
Good call, thanks for catching that. Here we go, seven colors.

Wiredgirl @ 2/18/2008 18:27 commented on Reef fish
I liked the orange fan coral too, but it blended in too much with the orange fish. It was easier to change the fan coral color than the fish color, so I bleached it out to light lavender. Purple contrasts with yellow nicely and I made it lighter in tone.  The tonal changes add depth to the picture. If you desaturate the image, you can see the lightest tones are in the foreground, midtones are in the middle and dark tones in the back.

Wiredgirl @ 2/18/2008 00:06 commented on Reef fish
 Oh, I see what you mean.  I did use a gradient and a blur. It's just second nature to use shortcuts for basic backgrounds and things. I forgot I'd even done it since I was focusing on the foreground fish and reef.

I've fixed it with a rough hand drawn background and some squiggled dashes.

Wiredgirl @ 2/18/2008 00:01 commented on Roadkill market leftovers
Your work is so professional, but your main job is making violins? Did I read your profile right? Are you doing these pieces just for the fun of it? I love the humor in your pieces, above and beyond the technical excellence and creativity. It's obvious you also look at a very wide number of different types of art and subject matters for inspiration.  You must be a naturally curious person.

Wiredgirl @ 2/12/2008 08:45 commented on Ratchet Sprite 4
Thank you Gas13, I've moved my comment to the Forum. 

Wiredgirl @ 2/11/2008 21:50 commented on Ratchet Sprite 4
Comment moved to forum.

Wiredgirl @ 2/11/2008 13:41 commented on Red 7 - Iso Room.
I love the animation and the detail of the scene, but the colors are a bit dark. I had to crank up the brightness on my monitor to really see it.  Nice use of your 10 colors, even if they are a bit dark.

Wiredgirl @ 2/3/2008 17:02 commented on Monster Bowl
Old game design habit, use as few frames as possible to get the idea across. There's no point in spending hours coloring in a frame if they cut it later in the game. I slowed down the timing a bit instead. That will help smooth it out some. Photoshop's animation feature plays anims back slower than they come out when saved as .gifs.