Vasquez @ 2/27/2008 21:12 commented on Luigi
It doesn't work :/

Vasquez @ 2/27/2008 21:02 commented on Candy Corp.
Really nice style and textures. I like the "clean" look it brings. Somehow my eyes are drawn to the white gas tank, maybe cause it's so awesome

Vasquez @ 2/27/2008 20:51 commented on SS corp

Alright, thank you! Yeah, I know about the 123 colors, "save of web" showed alot of colors which I can't even find in my picture.. :(

Ah, I didn't know the use of transparency was against the rules. Same goes with the grass texture pattern. I understand now. The trees are all handpixeled though

Vasquez @ 2/27/2008 20:07 commented on Fantasy_Homestead
This is just awesome, me like. Alot.

Vasquez @ 2/27/2008 19:54 commented on SS corp
I send you a new psd file

Vasquez @ 2/27/2008 19:39 commented on SS corp

I might wanna redo the tree trunk texture too and then it should be alright, hold on!

Vasquez @ 2/27/2008 19:25 commented on SS corp

Screw me, I think I spotted the mistake. So I redid the trees and made new grass texture. I've send you the psd file if you wanna check it out.. I hope this helps. The tree leafs is 5 colors and the grass is 6 colors.

Vasquez @ 2/27/2008 17:33 commented on SS corp
And I checked my layers, all of them are 100, cept the window layer. So it can't be that.

Vasquez @ 2/27/2008 17:25 commented on SS corp

You're right, something must be wrong, but, I can't hit the image since its not available for viewing until status is changed to active. Thats what it says.

I tried looking at the Colossal Katamari image in the Hall of Fame and pressed the "i", according to the info, that image got 4243 colors, so I think that's where the flaw is..

Vasquez @ 2/26/2008 18:43 commented on SS corp

Hmm, I actually made the grass texture like this: filled a square with the medium green, and then just placed light/dark green dots all over, then made it to a pattern and filled my grass spots with it. Is that illigal? If so, :(

And I swear, I drawed the textures of the tress pixel by pixel, only using the pencil tool, actually spend alot of time on it :/

Oh, and I forgot to say thank you for the welcome, I'll check out the links.

Vasquez @ 2/22/2008 10:29 commented on Big Bird

Hello guys, can anyone tell me what font is used in the green bars?