Jhawkins @ 8/3/2008 17:08 commented on Toxonator
I fixed pixels:)

Jhawkins @ 3/2/2008 16:37 commented on CFP Mario Fangame Lineup
Nice :) I like Yoshi and Shyguy the most. So cute!

Jhawkins @ 2/28/2008 16:09 commented on P.R.o.P.
Gotta love your work and commi. =P

Jhawkins @ 2/28/2008 16:06 commented on SCAR 11 AR
Nice gun! Good job there.

Jhawkins @ 2/28/2008 15:09 commented on Flooded room
Morgan cook, this link you gave me is a work of a pro and I only started yesterday...
But thx I'll try to work on the details! :)

Jhawkins @ 2/28/2008 04:03 commented on Cet Office
I will work on the doors and others stuff in my next work.
Is building too 'clean' maybe?
Thanks for comment.