RoboBOT @ 8/3/2010 17:14 commented on Chaos Dinosaur

I like it, but the shading is a bit inconsistent. The shading on the head is nice, and the knees, but between his legs the dark purple doesn't make a lot of sense, and there needs to be a darker shade on the blue to give the whole thing a bit more shape and depth. The overall design though is nice.

RoboBOT @ 8/3/2010 10:15 commented on Taku XD

Wow, this is fun!  The graphics are nice, despite a few inconsistencies in tile edges.

RoboBOT @ 8/2/2010 16:48 commented on Mr. Wallace Investigates Further

This is great! Beatiful execution of a great idea. The text confused me for a moment, the C looks like a capital I to me (serif). The shadow below Mr. Wallace seems to be a rather odd shape, it doesn't look quite right to me. Beyond that, no complaints. I love the colors.

RoboBOT @ 7/22/2010 18:14 commented on Candy Girl

At first I thought this was by Syosa! Which is to say it's a nice piece, I like the colors. The candy cane seems a bit flat. Otherwise, very nice!

RoboBOT @ 7/19/2010 14:43 commented on Teresa and her Colorful Pants

This doesn't come off as risque to me at all. Perhaps the arms should be a bit longer (use your own arms as a reference. Usually when your arms are at your sides the tips of your fingers rest near mid-thigh). I really like the colors though. Are those pants? it looks more like a skirt to me. I like the composition. Overall, a nice piece!

RoboBOT @ 7/18/2010 19:04 commented on Coyote And Road Runner

This is great! So nostalgic.
Everything looks great except for coyote's hands (paws?). After looking at your references, I see that they are pretty accurate, but I'd have made the joints in the fingers more obvious (see 1:02 in the youtube video you posted). This is a great piece, though, excellent idea for a 2 frame animation!

RoboBOT @ 7/17/2010 21:46 commented on plant monster thing

Lovely! Removing the black outlining would improve it, though. Also, I think the bottom part of the rose should be darker (more in shadow), considering the highlight on the top part. It would give it more depth and shape. Nicely done, though, I like the shading on the toothed thing on the left.

RoboBOT @ 7/13/2010 13:59 commented on Your average worn-out isometric block building

Thank you so much for giving your building some character! I love the dingy, worn out look. The colors are really nice as well. Something to consider is removing the solid outlines. Outlines are fine if that's what you like, but the best iso pieces I've seen lack outlines. As for design, think like an architect! For ideas, google skyscrapers, palaces, castles, museums, and other buildings that have more going on than the average office building. Also, you can think beyond just buildings and include a lot going on in your scenes. This is a great start in iso, tho!

RoboBOT @ 7/12/2010 22:22 commented on Unsure

Nice, I like the big eyes. I think the eye on the left is a bit misplaced, though, and not focused on the same point as the other eye. Here's a quick edit (compare to original to see what I mean). Everything else looks really good though, well done.

RoboBOT @ 7/12/2010 08:23 commented on mARTine

You should do a vector version of this in something like inkscape! I really like this style, but it seems more suited for vector art.

For this version, perhaps a little AA between the black and white? I agree about the straight line of the lips being distracting. Other than that, looks nice.

RoboBOT @ 7/12/2010 08:18 commented on My self portrait Version 2

Nice! You did a great job giving shape to the face. A few suggestions:
The shape of the jaw seems a bit odd, very pointed and off-center. You might look at that again.
The line of your face by the ears and the jawline seem a bit harsh. All around the face you have an unbroken line of brown pixels, which needs breaking up.
Shirt-to-background is over AAed, while the left side of the face seems jagged. The bangs seem a little jagged as well. With 50 colors, they should be pretty smooth. You might also blend them more towards the skin color to suggest less solid clumps.
What's that notch of skin color on your left shoulder?
Your right eye seems a bit bigger than your left eye. Not a dramatic problem though.

Just a few nitpicks if you want to improve it! Overall, a well done portrait.

RoboBOT @ 7/10/2010 17:18 commented on Oblique game background

I would've put the ladder to the attic bedroom by the staircase landing, so one doesn't have to go through the main bedroom to get up to the attic room.
But anyway, on to pixelart comments...
Nice lines. Maybe some more shading would be good, such as on the couch, but the simple style works. I like the shiny tiles in the bathroom. And I'm dieing to know where the dark doorway in the basement leads to...

RoboBOT @ 7/2/2010 13:32 commented on London night...

Lovely! I love the tower and the sky. The rest of the building is a little confusing in terms of the lighting. Why is part of it black and the other part dramatically lit? Do you have a reference we could see?

RoboBOT @ 6/11/2010 13:02 commented on rob D

If I had a dollar every time I pressed Shift instead of Up, jumping to my death, then I would be a very rich man.
This game is frustratingly awesome, well done! Why not spruce up the graphics, though? They aren't bad, but you could probably make some really great ones now.

RoboBOT @ 6/11/2010 10:12 commented on Some Wizard Dude

I like it, it's stylish. The folds do need work, but I agree, folds are difficult. Here's a drawing tutorial studying folds, which might help. As for the pose, I'm confused about his arm position. It seems like he's holding up his arm like one would when holding a falcon, yet the owl is sitting almost on his shoulder but not quite. It just seems like an awkward perch. Could just be me, though. The robe design is great. I might've made the belt, or at least the buckle, gold instead of red, but that's your call. Nicely done.

RoboBOT @ 5/31/2010 21:49 commented on Red hair face

Nice job on this! I love the palette. I made a quick edit to illustrate a few suggestions:

Of course the cross-eyed issue has been mentioned. I also moved the eyes apart a pixel or two, but that's a judgement call. I reworked the nose a bit. Because of its shape and how it sticks out of the face, the nose tends to shine a bit. The shape of the end of the nose is sort of like a ball with two smaller balls on either side (the nostrils). Lastly, I brought the shading in on the cheeks to give the face more shape (another judgement call, but the effect is to imply more prominent cheekbones).

I am no expert, but just some food for thought. The lips and the hair look great, by the way. Nice job!

RoboBOT @ 5/14/2010 11:23 commented on D-boy

It looks good! The fact that it's mirrored detracts from it, though. It makes the light source inconsistent. I like the colors though! The left side colors are best.

RoboBOT @ 5/8/2010 09:49 commented on ive come for your soul

Awesome. Two suggestions: The expression seems a bit bland, I feel like this would feel a lot more dynamic if he had an angry, malicious expression. Secondly, you could probably lose the white background, since you haven't AAed to it. Lookin' good though, this is great!

RoboBOT @ 5/7/2010 08:35 commented on Humpback Balloon

Great use of those blues! The pixelling looks great. I'm not a big fan of the animation, though, only because your whale doesn't move much like a whale. This would be so much cooler if it was "swimming" through the sky. The whole body should move. But like I said, the pixel work is great. I love the droopy eyelid!

RoboBOT @ 5/5/2010 10:04 commented on Dino Piranha

Firefox 3.5 has color correction turned on by default. I'm not sure about 3.6, though. Firefox 3 has color correction but it is turned off by default. In any case, that could be the source of the color difference you saw.

Excellent piece! I didn't even realize at first that this is for the challenge. Great use of the colors! I'm not a big fan of the dithering style used in the sky, and the black dithering on the ground is a bit jarring. It needs a smoother transition to be effective, I feel. Other than those minor things, this looks great!

RoboBOT @ 4/23/2010 10:05 commented on Frog violinist

haha, that's an excellent idea for an avatar! It did make me think of Fool when I saw it (in terms of the concept). Nicely executed as well.

RoboBOT @ 4/22/2010 19:51 commented on Noseman and Paperwork

Very stylish. I like your color choices. Just so I have something to suggest: It seems to me that piece of paper below his tie is shaded from a different light source than the rest of the piece.
NIce piece, very cool!

RoboBOT @ 4/21/2010 17:43 commented on Boby's Adventure Showcase

Lovely! I like the vibrant colors, and the style is very consistent. I like it. I'm not a fan of the outline of the clouds in the top one. I would go with something lighter, and AAed to the bg color. Even if the clouds move, they are going to be over the same background the whole time right? So AA would work. Just a thought. I love the lava bubbles in the bottom one, by the way. Nicely done.

RoboBOT @ 4/19/2010 14:08 commented on Blue Tit

I was a bit confused at the title at first; I've never heard of a bird called a "tit"...Good to know.
I like the angular style and the minimal shading, it works really well. It's so cleanly done that there's really nothing to complain about. Well done!

RoboBOT @ 4/19/2010 05:00 commented on Mech challenge

I love the colors! Very blue, yet still looks like metal. And the leg animation is ace. I agree that the bobbing front seems a bit choppy, probably because it seems to shear downward instead of the whole top thing rotating downward. Tricky effect to accomplish, though. Very nice piece, I'm sorry it didn't get into the challenge! It gets a lovely blue ribbon in my mind.