miascugh @ 11/17/2012 03:32 commented on Scotttracy

Thanks everyone for voting, we just cracked the top 100! Which is great, but also means, that there's still plenty of room to climb the ranks, so keep it coming :)

Thanks a lot manxana, Adam and Schminitz :)


miascugh @ 11/11/2012 03:47 commented on Scotttracy

Thanks all :D 

miascugh @ 11/10/2012 08:45 commented on The Wigsplorer

Not all of it :) I haven't been with Nitrome for very long, so most of the art you've seen in Nitrome games recently was done by Mat and Jon Annal, Markus Heinel, Jay D Smith and Stefan Åhlin.

Thanks man!

miascugh @ 9/17/2012 04:48 commented on The Wigsplorer

Thanks all :)

sventoing: yeah, it's resulted from stylistic indecisiveness and now is some sort of an outline-come-aa blotch.

snowk: aw, thanks man :D i'll try and be more prolific again!

muziak: a transparent background wouldn't really work here due to the way i treated the outline and pixeljoint having different themes. it really only works on a background color that is lighter than the lightest outline color.

skelly: yeah, the jagginess must have gotten carried over from the style for the game i'm working on full-time at the moment, i suppose (the one ilkke mentioned, check it out: http://www.nitrome.com/press/icebreaker-ios/ [/shameless plug] ;)

ilkke: cheers mate. it's such a shame that the london thing never worked out, would have loved to work with you :) and the 'toing 's not coming back here either. but then again, australia isn't exactly half bad ;) 

miascugh @ 9/13/2012 04:28 commented on Candy Corp.

I just did a quick google search and wow, yeah, that's quite heavily inspired.

miascugh @ 6/30/2011 13:43 commented on Presents

HAHA great, and how unfortunate I only stumbled upon this 4 years late. Sorryy and thanks so much! 

miascugh @ 6/30/2011 13:10 commented on Mawio

Well, yeah, I suppose I am the only person I get to look inside the head of while doing this kind of thing. There's not much more I can say about this. That's hell of a nice compliment anyway :) 

miascugh @ 6/26/2011 17:02 commented on Mawio

helm: Oh, I think I see what you mean. In a sense, I suppose everybody pays attention to that to some extent. What more is there to think about when you're busy plotting around single pixels anyway. And I do feel that my priority, more felt than outspoken though, very often is trying to figure out how I want to have hard or soft edges be present as such, or how the transition from one shade to another should either be pleasing in form while being clearly discernible as sampled continuity, or how I can get such a transition to disappear some altogether.

ilKke: losing patience/motivation is true in some way, though it doesn't usually feel like losing it. Most of my stuff feels finished to me, when I leave it be. But yeah, usually, when I do something for myself and just to make the time spent on it worthwhile, I don't usually feel the urge to delve into it crazy, but just get the idea right or just go as far as there's fuel left in the tank. I think you won't find anything in my gallery that tells you the big story, that would warrant a steady coming back to a piece until its cause is done justice.
Technique in itself, I do find boring, but it can give so much extra value to something that's already got character. Then again, technique isn't a scale with a beginning and an end. It's a toolkit and those tools serve its specific purposes. I don't think it's aa+dithering+color conservation=good piece. Most of the soul lies in very idiosyncratic, trans-formalizable variables.

Oh and yeah, I am working on something more upscale of my own! :) But that's not in any shape to discuss yet, so until then, I hope you'll enjoy the occasional moment of recognition in some of the Nitrome games that will come out from August onwards :)

gas: The preview kinda does indeed. Walter Matthau is a late US actor.

miascugh @ 6/25/2011 10:41 commented on Mawio

adcrusher, leroy: that's correct, it's been around for a while. ptoing suggested I upload it and so i did, because i really am his lapdog as a matter of common knowledge. i'd usually upload right away, but this way i get scolded as a bonus ;)
and absolutely, i totally see the hints of jawsh too, in the jacket.

hatch, petrichor: agreed

quazignrllsnes: haha, that actually had me chuckle in my current, weird state of mind, when i saw it. it's such a ridiculously silly little quirk that i'm actually already starting to really like it :D

helm: you need to explain that to me too some time :)


miascugh @ 6/23/2011 23:14 commented on Huangshan

You've always had a knack for scenery and foliage/stonage. Super nice! 

miascugh @ 6/23/2011 23:06 commented on Adcrusher v524 - Secret Santa gift

Thanks a bunch people for voting it into the top 10 May pixels and the overall great feedback :D



miascugh @ 5/29/2011 07:34 commented on Shmupanetta

Such a clever combination. And for some reason I tend to not feel the need to mention technical excellence when it is especially excellent, but that's rather silly if I think about it. So, keep being excellent and let's all be excellent to each other!

miascugh @ 2/13/2009 06:50 commented on [nudity] In the Depths
I'll get to it when I find time, the background never really tapped its potential (though the soften-brush did nothing I couldn't have done myself if had been ready to invest trice the time in placing the pixels by hand. Promotion's softening only uses the colors you already defined beforehand in the palette)

miascugh @ 1/19/2008 05:41 commented on Nuvatar reinverted
Oh, hahaha, I need to check your gallery more often.

miascugh @ 8/6/2007 09:28 commented on Lexaloffle
Heh, guess what my three votes were :P

Congratulations and thanks.

miascugh @ 8/1/2007 15:20 commented on DowNY
There's something captivating about those blues. Nice :)

miascugh @ 7/26/2007 23:52 commented on Anemonopolis
Gas: I get that a lot, but do not always notice it myself, that not finishing things to the best of my abilities. I really should bite that bullet. Thanks though, also for your confidence.

Kobun: Yeah, I wasn't quite sure of the black part either, but I thought it gave it a nice bold touch and eventually decided to keep it.

Mykola, AndyOaks, Jokun, Soda, Waphex: Thanks :).

Doppleganger: I can see where you're coming from. The 'atmosphere' is too clean, the range of vision too far, little that clearly qualifies it as liquid. I had hoped that a properly themed environment, so to speak, could make up for that some (and I did try to convey a turbid impression, I just didn't do a very good job I guess :)) Thanks.

Omenith: Thanks :).

ilkke: Thanks. Agreed on the inconsistent outlining. I did try to remove the outline on the dome, but it blended in too much with the background (which, thinking about it, would not have been bad after all). As for the SandBank, I was going for that sort of crab cage kind of look, but didn't look for a reference picture. So now it's just a wooden construction I suppose. The rest of the building is meant to fit in with the generally medieval looks of the other buildings, which has no specific reason.

miascugh @ 7/26/2007 07:34 commented on Big Bird
Does it look very unfinished? That's not good :/

miascugh @ 7/26/2007 07:33 commented on Lil Potemkin
Hahaha, try watching it while listening to 'the fucked jam' by ween. But it's neat without it too ;)

miascugh @ 7/26/2007 07:04 commented on Big Bird
I might not be home the rest of the week, so I'd better get rid of that now :) *submits*

miascugh @ 7/26/2007 01:32 commented on Big Bird
You just reminded me how fitting one of my earliest things I still have is. Age 8-10 (note the 'fish-tank' and how I started to learn English :P).  I kept adding stuff here and there on weekends, and mind you, no way would I have known what copy and paste was. It's win 3.1 and 95 as well.


I also made a village up in huge trees, ala Star Wars, in the same style, but I don't have that anymore.

miascugh @ 7/23/2007 17:31 commented on Big Bird
Sooo, I'm kind of done with my challenge entry.


miascugh @ 7/23/2007 15:12 commented on Osmi revisited
I was staring at Osmi for a while after reading one of your comments and suddenly it all came back: Gotchi Fighters!! Haha, it died as quick as it got popular. Thanks for the bit of memories.

Also, neat revamp :)

miascugh @ 7/19/2007 11:38 commented on Beretta 92
Aww, shame that I missed this, I would only have 5 hours to come up with something that big. I suppose I'll just wait and see what the next week has in store.

miascugh @ 6/27/2007 15:55 commented on Mayor
Only one of the top three retained the original style though...