PixelMart @ 9/14/2018 18:49 commented on Pickman's Model

needed to zoom to sy it is pixel art. 
crazy creepy ditherin! i need to get into this XD

PixelMart @ 9/14/2018 18:11 commented on Winter Starlight


this snow and ice effect :o

PixelMart @ 9/14/2018 17:53 commented on Run Chibi Totoro

totoro totoro!

PixelMart @ 9/14/2018 17:51 commented on world outside

I.... am...spechless :o

*presses my nose against this window* :o

edit: had to compare it with your dream sequenze but there are realy not the same ^^'

but the amazing feeling is similar

PixelMart @ 9/14/2018 17:47 commented on Ramza

such a small size but it looks s if it has soo much detail :o  and simple but smooth animation.
sure it could be improved by playing with the loops and making some parts double and 3 times as long as other parts to kill the too clear loop feeling

but i need to achife this level first

PixelMart @ 8/27/2018 13:18 commented on dream sequence

wow  this really deserved the 1st place :D 

PixelMart @ 8/27/2018 13:14 commented on "Tranquil Fantasy" Collaborative Quilt, Starter Tiles

i saw the new weekly challenge and then this.
calculating my chances if you are entering the challeng to...
0.1 against "over ninethausand!"

oh this challenge is already over XD

PixelMart @ 8/24/2018 00:14 commented on Ramedi

the flashing in the preview is really an headache.

but your sprite looks really nice and cool

PixelMart @ 8/23/2018 03:34 commented on Small Viking

actually though it is gerald of riva XD

PixelMart @ 8/23/2018 01:02 commented on Pirate

dodo domdom
dodo domdom
dodo Domdom
dodo dodo

or how ever this pirates of the caribian theme was XD


PixelMart @ 8/22/2018 23:59 commented on The little Witch

thank you! :)

PixelMart @ 8/22/2018 23:44 commented on Pupp

like the dog with the mask on in the mask
but without the mask and still with the deformed big grin :D

PixelMart @ 8/22/2018 15:55 commented on Small Witch Girl

witches can be super cute :D
i plan to make my game based with witches xD

i challenge you for cute witches!

PixelMart @ 8/22/2018 06:20 commented on Cat!? you!? here!?!

random apparing kitten reminds me of nioh XD

the tileset is breath taking  

PixelMart @ 8/22/2018 03:45 commented on Hmmm...

every sailor womans on board!
a woman on board is bad luck.

this is...the solution


PixelMart @ 8/18/2018 11:06 commented on Hero 15 - Melhior

it looks like he wears glasses

what a necromancer nerd :DD

PixelMart @ 8/17/2018 07:16 commented on Bogu Parts - Men

wow  this is very sad...

i looked foreward for amazing pixelart of dreams q.q

PixelMart @ 8/17/2018 04:33 commented on Panda-monium

this first panda reminds me of the awesome "never say no to a panda" panda cheese panda :O

PixelMart @ 8/17/2018 04:03 commented on DREAM

that lovely pink color choice :D

this seems like a very nice dream ^.~

but every night the same dream sounds dull :( 

PixelMart @ 8/17/2018 00:19 commented on a monstrous fogey

this looks like a zombie jake head of adventure time

PixelMart @ 8/17/2018 00:18 commented on Dungeon Crawler Animated

this is really som nice 3D effect and a nice and smoth loop

PixelMart @ 8/17/2018 00:09 commented on Bogu Parts - Men

I wonder why i still can vote for the change but not for this challenge.
might there be an error on changing the vote options?

just wondering  

PixelMart @ 8/15/2018 23:46 commented on Reinvented Pixel Garbage

I love this warm colors <3

didn't notice the many tiles used over and over again in the picture first.
like those stones, bushes and trees :D 

i should learn of that XD

PixelMart @ 8/15/2018 03:39 commented on RPG Game : The Town

the blue shading looks dark and dirty to me
but that might be caused by the nice and happy farming tile set.
she looks as if she fits to a dark age setting with a cruel and dark story.

the eyes in the 3rd version seem to make her look sad or sleepy and less happy than before 


PixelMart @ 8/14/2018 23:56 commented on Plumbing Plumbers

i could imagine this at some super mario church XD