Damian @ 6/22/2019 02:33 commented on level 1

Everything looks so well made here! If I had to be picky, something seems off with th legs on the run animation, but its always easy to find a negative. Keep up the great work.

Damian @ 4/13/2019 06:28 commented on Mmmonkee

Loving this.

Damian @ 2/24/2019 01:08 commented on Azorius Demon

Really like the design. Is the use of black outline just because its quicker for commission? I notice that some of your older work uses sel-out that to me is more pleasing to look at and then a move back to black outlines on everything?

Damian @ 2/24/2019 00:56 commented on Backroads

Some of the clouds look a bit odd to me, but the colours choices here are just amazing.

Damian @ 12/22/2018 04:13 commented on Paradise Jungle

So cool, love the dialog.

Damian @ 12/13/2018 06:28 commented on gonegirl6's sister portrait

Been a while since I've seen something of yours. Looks great.

Damian @ 11/23/2018 06:16 commented on Eye

Decided to go through all your pixel art here at PJ. This is my favourite of your, great shapes, colour, contrast and overall cool fantasy setting. 

Damian @ 8/27/2018 01:13 commented on Big Bird

If you haven't already seen this, Snake made an awesome mockup trailer for a game that will saddly never be.
Chrono Break Trailer 

Also on the Pixelation news front, Dan Fessler posted this on twitter:
Twitter Link 

Hope everyone is well!

Damian @ 8/3/2018 22:52 commented on Big Bird

Just a thought, but has anyone ever thought of doing a pixel art game review for pixel joint as a news item? It'd be tough to review every game, but the odd game like Owlboy, shadows of adam, chasm and other big titles could be worth doing. 

Damian @ 7/27/2018 23:30 commented on Knight Statue

Love this. The transition from bottom to top looks like stone to copper, not sure if that was intentional, but it looks pretty cool regardless.

Damian @ 7/18/2018 13:42 commented on The Sunny One


Damian @ 7/18/2018 01:16 commented on Big Bird

Happy Birthday guys. 

Also shout out to OPP admin Noburo, Happy Birthday man!

Damian @ 7/18/2018 01:13 commented on Dust

Made this my desktop background. Btw, do you have a twitter account or something to follow your artwork on?

Damian @ 4/13/2018 03:21 commented on GBA Mockup

Hey man, looks great all round.

Damian @ 4/7/2018 03:01 commented on Medieval Keep

Really like this, easy on the eyes and well thought out.

Damian @ 1/2/2018 23:05 commented on Kingdom Hearts

Love this kingdom hearts series. Only recently played the majority of the games on ps4.

Both goofy and donald look fine to me here, but I do think Sora's face could use a bit of work.

Damian @ 1/1/2018 08:18 commented on Big Bird

Happy new year all! 

Not a new year resolution, but have been doing more going art and going to try doing more art just because I miss it as an outlet for my emotions.

@Pixeldust, yeah, same :D

Damian @ 12/11/2017 12:10 commented on weapons shop

Love the text that goes with this :) The entire thing is a bit busy for my preferences, but I can understand and appreciate the limitations. Looks great.

Damian @ 11/11/2017 00:44 commented on Restless [New Soundtrack]

Really cool, love all the aimation.

Damian @ 1/8/2017 02:42 commented on hatching egg

nice :)

Damian @ 12/18/2016 02:16 commented on Chucky Tutorial

Congrats on the release, I'll add this to my wishlist with owlboy. I wish I had time to play games :/

Damian @ 11/3/2016 13:30 commented on Shin megami tensei IV

Woah, super good man.

Damian @ 8/30/2016 05:43 commented on Dirty Monster

Oh man, I still love this!

Damian @ 8/10/2016 03:57 commented on Samus Gunship

Banding is simply explained here:

Note, scroll down to the Banding sub title, not the banding AA which is shown first.

Also, this looks great :)

Damian @ 7/31/2016 14:27 commented on Blighted Wolf

The brightest colour contrasts far to much, but other than that it looks great.