El Huesudo II @ 8/17/2009 15:12 commented on o'four o'four Twenty Ten

 Oh dear.

You typed MFGG

M for male, renders Dan

F for female, renders Jou

and each G, for gram, renders guramu


I lol'd

El Huesudo II @ 8/11/2009 10:07 commented on o'four o'four Twenty Ten

 ...MFGG Adventure? I don't think "Dan Jou Glam Glam" means that at all.

You'd be better off with the long "マリオ同人ゲーム銀河冒険小説" (Mario Doujin-game Ginga Boukenshousetsu) instead. Or at least that's as much as I can get with my null knowledge of the language and Google.

El Huesudo II @ 3/13/2009 15:28 commented on Casshern (Movie)

 It's good. Really good.

El Huesudo II @ 3/9/2009 15:18 commented on Kanye West

 But... but...

It's quite understandable that he's Kanye, and the fact that it's different in certain details means it's not a photo-reduction. And that's good.

El Huesudo II @ 3/3/2009 15:23 commented on THE NOSTALGIC EPIC BATTLE IS APPROACHING

 I recognize almost every character in there.

And of those I recognize, there's only 1 whose series I haven't seen (Konjiki no Gash).


Those sprites are simply awesome.

El Huesudo II @ 2/26/2009 15:27 commented on Blocked Snakes

 Nope. Isometric is a form of axonometric.

El Huesudo II @ 2/21/2009 11:29 commented on entering late into the ilkke fad

 As a matter of fact, no (if you meant it was because your Beardy avatar). I just found that monkey av ilKke did that started it and thought "Why not?"

El Huesudo II @ 2/16/2009 17:19 commented on 16 Fakemons !
These are awesome. They do look like something out of the game.

El Huesudo II @ 2/16/2009 17:17 commented on keep on pushing
Pixel pushing? LOL ...The shadows don't match though, the person's shadow is going in a whole 'nother direction than the blocks'.