God_Is_Evil @ 7/30/2012 10:13 commented on Characters

 XD, Yah I made the tiles real fast on the side.

God_Is_Evil @ 7/29/2012 16:30 commented on Skullo

 Looks cool, 'XD'

God_Is_Evil @ 4/9/2012 22:46 commented on Bicycle Lesbian Pinup -Mature Content Warning- Nudity


Nice color selection and portrayal of action going on in the scene, good work.

regardless of your previous self identity as a male child, to show the young children browsing pixeljoint explicit representations of gender specific body parts only commonly seen in pornagraphic material and in artwork from back when people did not even seem to understand slavery was a bad thing "aka statue of david ect" would  be something that would need to be cencored as far as the preview so as not to just spring that on them when they never intended to see it, and is not related to "stupid culture" putting restrictions on things. Anyone with a brain should undersand some things are not appropriate only because of a possible audiance that will view it. If anything it should be taken into consideration that some of the old artwork containing nudity should have warnings so as to give people a chance to avoid viewing something they did not want to see "aka being considerate" but not censoring creative expression. I'm sure you would find it upsetting if I was to flash my gender specific body parts "aka penis" at you on a plubic street with out giving you a choice in the matter and with no warning. lol

 btw I KNOW MEN HAVE NIPPLES but we are talking about a female breast not just the nipple.

God_Is_Evil @ 1/16/2012 12:45 commented on Droid Warlock

That looks awesome!

Great work!

God_Is_Evil @ 1/16/2012 00:05 commented on Corrupted Lizard God


Great colors.

God_Is_Evil @ 1/14/2012 13:11 commented on Tropical HQ

 NICE, I love it!

God_Is_Evil @ 1/11/2012 15:46 commented on Creya Animation

 Disjointed? that's a definite bicep flex, I agree with Connor.

The hips seem wide? that's a normal hip width unless you think all women are

stick figures.

Over all good sprite. XD

God_Is_Evil @ 1/11/2012 15:41 commented on Elemental Monsters 2

 Nice sprites.

God_Is_Evil @ 1/11/2012 15:40 commented on Oh you lovely, hidden Treasure

The bird is super hard to read, I couldn't tell what she was holding.

Wait that is a bird right? meh whatever lol.

God_Is_Evil @ 1/11/2012 15:31 commented on Broken Vase Critter

lol, A old vase-man getting hit by a baseball. XD

Nice idea for a  pic, but as manupix was saying you should soften the 

lines that are on the face with something like a lighter color and also redo the lighting, the sun

seems to be in 3 or 4 places at one time. XD

God_Is_Evil @ 1/11/2012 15:26 commented on Self-portrait

 Looks good.

But I would add more contrast as super was saying.

God_Is_Evil @ 1/11/2012 15:25 commented on Shark with no arms

 lol, random text bubble.

God_Is_Evil @ 1/11/2012 15:24 commented on Platy-Puss

Nice monster. XD

 I agree with manupix you NEED more contrast in your darker colors, the birds face looks like it's melting into it's body.

God_Is_Evil @ 1/11/2012 15:21 commented on Gorille

 I can sorta see a face in it, Very modern art style.

Your colors are lacking contrast, some of the colors are soo simmilar that you can't tell if 

your just triping out or if the green has yellow on it or if the black has blue on it ect ect.....

You should raise the contrast of the colors.

Here is a example to show you what I'm talking about.


 Hope that helps in some manner. XD

God_Is_Evil @ 1/11/2012 11:14 commented on Secret Santa - Maru 2011

 XD Nice mech island!

God_Is_Evil @ 1/10/2012 15:32 commented on Abomination

 Nice idea for a pic. XD

As "shampoop" was saying I also think you should loose the extra colors.

And you should look at some of the super good pixel portraits to get a idea of how they

define depth using contrast because it looks a bit flat also using ref pics can help TONS!

Here is a example of some basic edits using better contrast and a ref pic for the nose



God_Is_Evil @ 1/10/2012 15:06 commented on BNTY PSTR 001

XD nice sprite

You should make the dark skin color darker to add contrast.

Hope that helps in some manner.

God_Is_Evil @ 1/10/2012 12:13 commented on OutRun trip 2009~2012

Huge upgrade from the old pic, The rock, plants and sky are nice and smooth, looks great.

The only weird looking thing that I noticed is the headlight on the right side of the picture, It looks twice as large as the other headlight.

God_Is_Evil @ 1/9/2012 23:58 commented on Units

 XD nice sprites

God_Is_Evil @ 1/9/2012 00:02 commented on Too fat

 lol thats funny XD

God_Is_Evil @ 1/8/2012 12:48 commented on Apparatus Scraps


great pic!

God_Is_Evil @ 1/8/2012 12:46 commented on Buddha Gundam


Awesome gundam.

God_Is_Evil @ 1/8/2012 12:41 commented on Deadly fumes

 Looks great!

God_Is_Evil @ 1/8/2012 12:36 commented on Up, up and away...


Nice idea, XD

God_Is_Evil @ 1/8/2012 12:25 commented on mhp

Great sprites!

My fav is the trex, great colors and overall shape :)