subspark @ 1/4/2012 04:05 commented on Indy's Moment

Thankyou both kindly. I agree on nearly all points; The image needs some minor contrast work particuarily the skin. Indy's always been filmed under quite high contrast light making his skin appear darker redder / stubble more prominant. I'll give that a go and fix that arm. His shirt is a bit overdetailed for the medium. Originally that was a preference because I always liked detail but it absolutely doesn't mesh well at all with a limited resolution & pallette. The head is way at the limit of scale, however. In my humble opinion, any bigger and he'd start looking all stumpy like he did in Fate of Atlantis / Last Crusade.

Thank you kindly for your constructive honesty, guys!

Very much appreciated. 

subspark @ 1/3/2012 18:45 commented on KittyKat - Yellow

Okay. I'm new here. I've got some other stuff that shouldn't be a problem. Sorry for bumping heads here.

subspark @ 3/31/2009 06:36 commented on Wize, mad and the ugly

Seen the 80's classic Labirynth Fool? Those characters MUST have been inspired from it.

If not, check out that movie out because its right up your alley!