Hallas @ 9/7/2009 10:38 commented on Clockwork Rian - intro image 1

This sounds fun. I have an idea already.

Hallas @ 8/31/2009 20:52 commented on Itsameeeemaaariooooo

You get 1st place for the preview image

Hallas @ 8/31/2009 20:44 commented on Fatima Playground

I voted for Bimbo. I liked his style. I didn't realize I could vote for 3 entries.

Hallas @ 8/31/2009 16:04 commented on lego

Haha I have an idea, but I'll see if I can pixel it the same way I see it in my head.

Edit: Nevermind, it doesn't work with the rules. Maybe I'll come up with something else.

Hallas @ 8/28/2009 11:41 commented on Sterner Regnix Logo

 Good stuff, I like the style. Reminds me of Metal Slug.

Hallas @ 8/26/2009 18:36 commented on Mars

Nice texturing

Hallas @ 8/26/2009 18:35 commented on Hallas Logo

Thanks. I was planning on it, but I can't for this challenge. I will eventually though.

Hallas @ 8/26/2009 13:45 commented on Logo Bimbo

Like I said in the thread, good stuff Bimbo

Hallas @ 8/26/2009 11:18 commented on Thai soccer player

That's a nice background. Easy on the eyes.

Hallas @ 8/26/2009 11:16 commented on Dirty Pig

Good work. This makes me think of Tomba. Anyone ever play it?

Hallas @ 8/26/2009 11:15 commented on Sony Walkman

I like it, but you should make that white transparent in my opinion.

Hallas @ 8/26/2009 09:14 commented on Aric

Hah, well it was on purpose if that helps

Hallas @ 8/26/2009 09:11 commented on Hallas Logo

Water, hence the bubbles

Hallas @ 8/25/2009 23:26 commented on Logo

Haha my submission has bubbles too. I swear I didn't copy you though. I like the graffiti style.

Hallas @ 8/25/2009 23:24 commented on Orenshtiv logo - weekly challenge

That is one awesome font you made there.

Hallas @ 8/25/2009 21:24 commented on Cup of coffee

This lack of transparency is kind of driving me crazy as I try to come up with a background.

Hallas @ 8/21/2009 20:50 commented on Quest

 This is great. Not only are the texturing and shading amazing, but the walking animation conveys so much about the character's personality. Great work.