alkaline @ 12/2/2016 14:42 commented on ETD?

@goodly I don't see a difference between this and the original. 

Anyways, I'm in the "it's fine" camp. I would also consider something in between yours and Cure's for the darkest grey just to bridge the gap a tiny bit more, but where it's at now is good. Cure's is definitely too dark

alkaline @ 8/21/2016 01:38 commented on Basilisk sprites V2

hell yea you're back :-)

alkaline @ 6/28/2016 18:04 commented on Big Bird

there's nothing wrong with inspiration regarding references. tracing existing artwork is a whole other thing. it's worse if you don't even say it's traced. on a pixel level, it's clear you put work into it. but not adding the reference image because you didn't know who the artist is isn't a good excuse since you can just link the image and say you don't know the artist, and frankly I don't really buy that as to why you "forgot" it. you should be directing that shame towards directly copying a piece and not being forthcoming about it, which is completely different from just drawing inspiration from another source. it's obviously okay to use other styles as inspiration, you shouldn't feel shame for that. it may even be okay to translate someone else's artwork into another medium for fun/learning purposes. but you have to be upfront about it when posting for others to see.

anyways, i don't think you have to leave. it's just something you can learn from, but you do have to realize it is basically stealing if your main source is hidden from us. you're taking credit for the look and feel of someone else's work with a paintjob over it. it's not really yours.

alkaline @ 6/28/2016 16:00 commented on Green Noise

I agree, I think the face area is a bit muddied, and the dithering creates too strong of a contrast/texture on the hood. looks nice otherwise

alkaline @ 6/26/2016 15:10 commented on Big Bird

you mean this?

i didn't find this btw, someone on reddit noticed its ilya kuvshinov's work. unfortunate that he wasn't upfront about this.

alkaline @ 3/21/2016 21:58 commented on Big Bird

oh, i missed my 10 year...

actually we made our accounts on the same day dumbo :0

alkaline @ 3/15/2016 16:15 commented on A Raven

@cure gotcha. made some adjustments

alkaline @ 3/15/2016 11:15 commented on A Raven

brightened it a little bit :)

alkaline @ 3/8/2016 01:42 commented on Smoke kid

i actually kinda like the brown - it's not meant to be an actual brighter shade, just a subtle shift that has an interesting effect next to the more vibrant colors

this is really great btw.

alkaline @ 1/31/2016 17:34 commented on Electric Eyes

you make the colors work reeeally well for the most part, nice. don't know if I'm a huge fan of the outer circle outline. 

alkaline @ 12/1/2015 15:53 commented on Feeling. Or lack there of it.

nice but the ear placement/size/angle throw it off for me. needs to be much closer. i think showing the top of the ear doesnt make sense lighting wise either

alkaline @ 6/25/2015 14:42 commented on Spark of time

this is pretty great

alkaline @ 6/9/2015 12:51 commented on ETC

I used the piece as an intended exercise in breaking my usual techniques. As for whether it was a success or not, I'm not sure. Some parts definitely work better than others. I could probably add a few more colors to detail more but I didn't want to spend more time on it. I agree that it's probably too rough on the eyes for some.

alkaline @ 11/3/2014 15:39 commented on Big Bird

ye, i miss pixeling every now and then. howdy folks

alkaline @ 5/25/2014 21:19 commented on Furion avatar


alkaline @ 12/9/2013 15:13 commented on The Last Wanderer of the World

 wow i remember this from the ole punaji days i think. nicely done

alkaline @ 5/8/2013 03:35 commented on selfie

 friend good job nice work

alkaline @ 7/20/2012 13:49 commented on Victorian Mockup

 i remember this. i fuckin love that tree. great stuff

alkaline @ 6/26/2012 23:48 commented on Kawaii jello

please post original art only kthx

alkaline @ 3/21/2012 13:51 commented on Sometimes I Blow My Own Mind

 awesome, glad yer back

alkaline @ 2/13/2012 02:30 commented on Mr. Tuff Guy

 hah, great animation. has a lotta character to it

alkaline @ 1/31/2012 17:28 commented on River Beast

 great colors. would love to see you finish it/resolve some of the details a bit. composition does feel a bit off because of the crop

alkaline @ 1/25/2012 21:09 commented on Big Bird

 there are like 10 pages of my real old SNES, and a bunch of pages on my more popular animations o__o

wasn't surprised by my jello being in random places though

alkaline @ 1/21/2012 13:39 commented on not me

aastikya: not everything has to be taken literally or immediately understood at a conscious level. i sort of made it easy to spot using the preview image, overlaying the differences in expression and appearance.

alkaline @ 1/19/2012 18:06 commented on iPhone Mockup I

 it has its places. again, its not as bad on this piece. i also think he's improved on it a lot. it's just very easy to delegate vague blobby in places and just phone it in, making it look a little unpolished.