Gecimen @ 3/19/2019 02:52 commented on Morgana - UI mockup

Welcome back Mrmo :)

Gecimen @ 3/16/2019 10:56 commented on Hoppsh - My First Animation

That's one way of putting it but I said C64 resolution in the challenge description (which obviously is not 640x200). I don't think anyone else will think that way. Had I said 160x200 that would cause a lot more confusion.

But next time I put up a fat pixels challenge (if any) I'll state in all possible ways to avoid confusion.

Gecimen @ 3/15/2019 03:00 commented on Don Quixote

Selam hoĊŸgeldin :)

Gecimen @ 3/14/2019 06:08 commented on Hoppsh - My First Animation

Well in that case I don't have any choice but to accept such entries :/

Gecimen @ 3/14/2019 03:50 commented on Hoppsh - My First Animation

My English sucks. Thanks for the warning Manupix.

Gecimen @ 3/13/2019 05:48 commented on Hoppsh - My First Animation

A recent example from Snugboat.

Gecimen @ 3/13/2019 05:47 commented on Hoppsh - My First Animation

Just like it is on the actual C64. W:2 H:1.

Gecimen @ 3/11/2019 13:23 commented on A slug

@Theoden, this is the Metal Slug tank design, one of the best pixel art games of 90s.

Gecimen @ 3/9/2019 12:39 commented on Exodus

really great design and execution.

Gecimen @ 3/9/2019 03:18 commented on Random Sprite Art Dump

Is the bottom row an RPG party?

Gecimen @ 3/8/2019 15:29 commented on Big Bird

So sad that I don't have red/blue 3d glasses :(

Gecimen @ 3/8/2019 03:08 commented on Lion of judah Statue

Sent back the other one.

Gecimen @ 3/7/2019 05:54 commented on My first Pixelart

You can find more on what pixel art is in this link.

Gecimen @ 3/7/2019 05:52 commented on Rat Rider

Hey Nikolay;

In this link you can read about what is pixel art, and what is not. Welcome to PJ.

Gecimen @ 3/1/2019 13:42 commented on mutant soldier

134 colors for this piece doesn't seem right. Please try to refine your drawing before submission.

Gecimen @ 2/25/2019 06:09 commented on Me and my S.O. GBC

As IllusionOfMana said 3 separate pieces for different palettes fall into the redundant category.

Gecimen @ 2/24/2019 09:10 commented on "Away" a Dreamworks Inspiration

I'm sending this back for now, please revise as IllusionofMana said.

Gecimen @ 2/24/2019 09:07 commented on Descendant

Stunning piece. Wish the preview was as good.

Gecimen @ 2/21/2019 01:16 commented on Coreto

So who whipped Philippe to finish his work? Ah yes Jinn :)

Gecimen @ 2/21/2019 01:13 commented on 404- Tittle not found

Apart from the joke, this is really fabulous.

Gecimen @ 2/21/2019 01:12 commented on 404- Tittle not found

Sure we all know what this is. Poor Sonic fell on the ground :(

Gecimen @ 2/18/2019 03:57 commented on Too tired of blood (Remastered)

Ah well that's great, I'm glad if I caused you draw this beautiful thing

Gecimen @ 2/16/2019 02:55 commented on Too tired of blood (Remastered)

Amazing. Very well polished.

Gecimen @ 2/5/2019 02:05 commented on Home Is Where The WiFi Is

Sounds like GGJ19 theme. Good job!

Gecimen @ 2/3/2019 20:49 commented on Herr Doktor has had enough

I love this a lot.