Gecimen @ 5/22/2019 15:13 commented on Another Anime AVA

Yours was on top of 2 lists including mine. Really great palette for collabs.

Gecimen @ 5/22/2019 02:05 commented on Another Anime AVA

Happy birthday Adigun, you certainly have a knack in creating thematic palettes so I'm surely interested in participating in a collab using one.

Also bit of interesting info, all of these top 6 palettes were no 1 in (at least) one of the judges' list. Several more palettes (such as s.g.m. #2 and curiousbeefjerky's) scored quite high but it was already more than usual to give 3 honoroable mentions so we had to stop somewhere.

Gecimen @ 5/21/2019 04:07 commented on Battery Powered Rail Gun

You made the piece inactive this time, was that on purpose?

Gecimen @ 5/21/2019 04:00 commented on bear

I really like your cluster work.

Gecimen @ 5/21/2019 03:59 commented on Enemies portraits for Down in the Dark

Very characteristic pixelwork. Well done.

Gecimen @ 5/20/2019 06:38 commented on Undress Game X

Hello Ultimogames, the frames that the armor is slowly disappearing shows artifacts of automatic color reduction. Can you resubmit the piece only with manual tools? Thanks.

Gecimen @ 5/20/2019 06:36 commented on RoboCop

While this seems like legit pixel art, 500 colors make me think if there is some sort of artifact created by mistake. Can you please check it out?

Gecimen @ 5/20/2019 02:55 commented on AG-19

Excellent rendering.

Gecimen @ 5/20/2019 02:55 commented on Arm of the Yeaarth Father

<3 lovely take.

Gecimen @ 5/18/2019 15:53 commented on Battery Powered Rail Gun

Your image is broken, please reupload :)

Gecimen @ 5/16/2019 03:29 commented on Future Cowboy Rifle

Hello Bifex, is this for the weekly challenge? You didn't mark it but it fits in every way so I reckoned maybe you forgot.

Gecimen @ 5/16/2019 03:28 commented on Blood Rifle: ALiEN Type-006


Gecimen @ 5/16/2019 03:26 commented on Atomic Uzi

One word - elegance. Awesome job!

Gecimen @ 5/15/2019 10:54 commented on Grandmaster Portraits

Yeah he's blind.

Gecimen @ 5/14/2019 14:46 commented on Spacecraft Warping

Welcome to pixeljoint. For the gallery we have several rules to ensure non-pixel art tools are not used in the pieces submit, such as glow effects, transparency, auto color reduction etc, all of which your piece seems to include.

If you resubmit a pixel art only version of this piece, we will gladly allow through.

Gecimen @ 5/10/2019 04:50 commented on Soul Calibur 2 Demake

Was anyone able to look at the background? It's really awesome :D

Gecimen @ 5/10/2019 03:26 commented on Camponotus Sexguttatus

Simple but works well.

Gecimen @ 5/10/2019 03:20 commented on There is no light

Stunning details. Can't wait to play the game.

Gecimen @ 5/8/2019 06:30 commented on Typical Cowboy on the Serengeti Plains

An hour late to last week's challenge though :/

Gecimen @ 5/7/2019 17:40 commented on Mock-ups

That's the best we could do :( But it happens, hope you understand.

Gecimen @ 5/7/2019 05:15 commented on Mock-ups

Wow the preview image made us all skip this one as a challenge entry. Sorry for that, we'll award you a victim reward.

Gecimen @ 5/3/2019 13:46 commented on Bub and Bob

Great piece, but what IllusionofMana said....

Gecimen @ 4/30/2019 14:19 commented on Big Bird

Can it be that they used it as an avatar before it was changed? I'm quite sure in the past we were able to use other people's images as avatars. I know cause I used my wife's drawing of me.

Gecimen @ 4/29/2019 18:58 commented on I'll trade a magic trick for a vase

Thanks SoloSalsero, this was not a challenge I wrote so even I wasn't so sure but it makes sense, editing the news item.

Gecimen @ 4/29/2019 18:56 commented on I'll trade a magic trick for a vase

This is because it's a manually entered challenge to overwrite the existing one which stalled for 2 weeks with one entry.