Gecimen @ 8/12/2019 17:00 commented on Water place

Do you have a link to this collab? Just wanted to see.

Gecimen @ 8/12/2019 16:58 commented on Metroid Evolutions - MG16

Top notch detail and rendering. You're really improving a lot lately dude.

Gecimen @ 8/12/2019 15:53 commented on Big Bird

I'm not that type of person but we can safely say Jal doesn't have internet access anymore.

Gecimen @ 8/5/2019 13:30 commented on Lady Toxic Fury

my favorite entry.

Gecimen @ 7/29/2019 06:54 commented on My tiles

Why don't you give us a link for the image?

Gecimen @ 7/17/2019 02:52 commented on T'was not to be...

This is so nostalgic and very well rendered but a few inconsistency issues prevent it to be an amazing piece, the human model (which is fine in itself but not coherent with the rest of the image), and the equipment slot borders which are too thick.

Gecimen @ 7/17/2019 02:46 commented on American football

Congrats to all but especially first time awards of Pixeldust and Anokolisa both who deserved a monthly top for a long while!

Gecimen @ 7/14/2019 02:58 commented on Big Bird

For now, we're only supposed to believe what the member says, until he posts something that is actually offensive.

The guy could be a nazi-lover (which I really doubt, given his place of birth) but we shouldn't take any actions based on what we believe people have sympathy towards. That's just plain wrong.

So what is offensive art? That's really a huge discussion but for me (within the limits of pixeljoint), if a piece of art shows apparent sympathy towards and/or mocks with murder, rape, race or sex, it's offensive and should be sent back.

Gecimen @ 7/14/2019 02:47 commented on KdF-Wagen advertisement

It's none of our business if a member is sympathetic to any ideology unless he posts an offensive piece of art or says something offensive on our forums or to members through PMs.

I don't think this piece in itself is offensive, but still, let me remind; if a piece of art (or its written description) mocks with and/or shows sympathy to crime (including mass murder) or is racist, we will send it back.

Gecimen @ 7/9/2019 12:28 commented on Little Ship

This piece with 95 colors means there are a lot of unnecessary colors. Can you please polish this a little and remove similar colors?

Gecimen @ 7/6/2019 04:21 commented on Big Bird

Happy birthday both of you!

Gecimen @ 7/2/2019 02:54 commented on Granbull

It's just the summer season, things are always slow.

Gecimen @ 7/1/2019 07:06 commented on 198X : Shadowplay

Hello, did you remove this because of 25k+ preview that don't show on the front page? If so, good decision.

Gecimen @ 7/1/2019 04:52 commented on Granbull

We are aware, but we didn't really want to keep the same challenge up for a third week.

Gecimen @ 6/29/2019 16:49 commented on Blinx the Timesweeper

I don't like cats but I love scifi cats. The boot coloring is super good.

Gecimen @ 6/29/2019 16:47 commented on "Bad company" mockup

A late comment but I just saw the two little black mushrooms that are interrupted by drops in the backgound. I had to pay respect to such detail!

Gecimen @ 6/29/2019 16:35 commented on [NSFW] Grotesque GameBoy-Style Creature

1129 colors. It probably means there's some sort of jpeg or transparency artifact in this. Can you please check and reupload?

Gecimen @ 6/26/2019 16:28 commented on ISO-Collab tiles

thanks haha, I joined all iso collabs so far so of course I'll make a few tiles for this one.

Gecimen @ 6/26/2019 16:03 commented on ...

If makers of Curious expedition had an artist like you, the game would be a timeless classic.

Gecimen @ 6/26/2019 15:56 commented on level 1

reminds me of ghosts and goblins. nice work!

Gecimen @ 6/26/2019 03:20 commented on Big Bird

Has anyone used both Photoshop & Aseprite and prefer the latter? If so, why?

Gecimen @ 6/25/2019 15:09 commented on Wound kissers [Blasphemous]

Purely amazing.

Gecimen @ 6/24/2019 05:40 commented on Skullmachine v2

these textures!

Gecimen @ 6/20/2019 03:43 commented on Denolian

Can you please post the color variations of this piece together, preferably with a transparent background?

Gecimen @ 6/17/2019 15:46 commented on Death Motel

Gayet etkili bir tarz.