Opacus @ 1/18/2019 03:55 commented on The Machine Stops

Hah, the longterm result of Weirdmaggedon. 

Opacus @ 1/18/2019 03:54 commented on The Machine Stops

I definitely looked a lot at Finlal's work throughout the process. Love his work. 

Opacus @ 1/3/2019 01:42 commented on Big Bird

It is indeed quite nice. What I still don't understand is how one of the biggest 'design' companies in the world has such a poor website with awful, awful typography. 

Opacus @ 12/22/2018 04:13 commented on Some EagleIsland Backgrounds

Defo understand, though I think you're a prime example of how pixel art doesn't have to be that. (Plus, it's not like I can never appreciate kitsch.) Hope you don't ditch it completely still because you've got some real talent :)

Opacus @ 12/21/2018 05:01 commented on Some EagleIsland Backgrounds

Totally loving your painterly, almost lightly impressionist style. It's impressive how well you render with such seemingly loose strokes. There's a beautiful fluidity to it. It feels like a breath of fresh air with how rigid and overly polished, bordering on kitsch, pixel art can sometimes be. 

Opacus @ 12/11/2018 05:26 commented on Dreadnought

Some nice work here! Always loved the dreadnought design. Have one at home even tho I don't actually play Warhammer. A few crits: it looks a bit squished. The dreadnought is bulky and fat, but not quite this bulky and fat. He should be slightly taller and leaner. Now he has no room to move his joints. The fact that the canvas ends immediately at the feet also contributes to this. Wanted to end with saying the metal rendering is just lovely. Gives it a very gritty and worn look which is perfect for it. Give the proportions a little fix and this is top notch!

Opacus @ 12/5/2018 06:02 commented on Big Bird

Atnas said they weren't able to send out forum wide messages this year to alert people of Secret Santa, so that probably explains the decrease in participants.

Opacus @ 11/28/2018 07:09 commented on Big Bird

Yes join in for some fun on Secret Santa! First time I'll be participating in 6 years I think. Can't wait to push some pixels again. Would love to see some more of you there. 

Opacus @ 11/28/2018 07:07 commented on Overdone.

Nicely done vierbit. That's some serious trophy hogging there.

Has there ever been a monthly top where 5 or more trophies went to the same person?

Opacus @ 10/6/2018 12:43 commented on Dodonpachi #6

Looking at your first attempt this is some amazing progress. Lovely design, the depth in the wings is very pleasing. I also like how the simpler wings really make the complexity of the mid-part stand out. 

Opacus @ 9/4/2018 06:57 commented on ...

That background is absolutely breathtaking 

Opacus @ 4/8/2018 03:59 commented on The Collector

Really good stuff. Loving the palette and texturing. Little feedback point: I like how the character pops, but he also feels a bit like he's been pasted into the scene. I think some subtle lighting from the fire on the trees/leaves around him could help connect the background and character a little more.

Opacus @ 3/16/2018 03:10 commented on Dracula-3000

Cool stuff. Reminds me of the Space Jockey from Alien.

Opacus @ 11/24/2017 04:55 commented on The Deep

Thanks man :) Much appreciated. I've been drooling over your animation work for sometime. Very impressive stuff you did for Duelyst. 

Opacus @ 11/3/2017 10:02 commented on The Mummy Demastered

Daaaamn son

Opacus @ 11/3/2017 10:01 commented on Secret Santa 2011: threesided

Thanks mate, much appreciated :)

Opacus @ 6/20/2017 05:57 commented on Civil Protection

Click the little person icon next to the fav button, right underneath the image.

Opacus @ 12/14/2016 15:19 commented on Neutral Dagona

Man your animations are absolutely breathtaking. Makes me wanna dissect every frame. So many details to get caught up in. 

Opacus @ 12/5/2016 09:14 commented on Battle Carchessia [shmup project]

I think that's exactly the description of a good background; it can't be confused with the foreground sprites. Especially in a game which gets as hectic as a shmup it's vital that the background doesn't clash with the sprites.

Beautiful job all round. 

Opacus @ 11/4/2016 05:00 commented on Main Char Run Cycle - for 72 hour

Congrats on the release! Definitely gonna buy it. Seems like it's doing pretty damn great too. On Metacritic it's above Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1 and the new CoD. Screw all those blockbusters :)

Opacus @ 9/23/2016 09:20 commented on Teh Goblin

Sure thing. It's terribly old anyway. 

Opacus @ 7/10/2016 06:42 commented on Duelyst Spells

Amazing work. So much respect for your patience (and skill) :)

Opacus @ 7/10/2016 06:40 commented on Cosmia's Study

I think it's quite important that the HUD elements stick out as they do. It's imperative that they're always visible no matter what. I'd say the elements on the right could even be a little brighter. Giving them a palette that corresponds to the area's would be quite confusing I think. 

Great stuff, by the way. 

Opacus @ 6/23/2016 15:40 commented on Mulata

Great work. I'm really loving the way you did the edges of her hair. 

Opacus @ 6/17/2016 02:31 commented on The Scientist

Amazing as usual.