Kam!! @ 10/12/2010 16:22 commented on Tyranitar

The main problem here is the incredibly shaky outlines. Tyranitar has a very smooth, almost metallic sort of armor, but with the outlines being as crooked as they are here it makes him look highly unstable. You may also want to look into using black outlines to give it more depth; you don't have to do this but the end result looks far nicer.

The shading looks very angular and sloppy; I recommend curving it. They could be placed a bit better (for example, the highlight on the tail is unnecessary), but otherwise they're acceptable.

It takes a lot of effort to make such a big piece, though, so kudos.

Kam!! @ 9/3/2010 10:28 commented on purple man

The nose is sort of odd. The nostril don't seem to be attached to the rest of the nose, making it look sort of weird. Try moving it a bit to the left so that they're closer together; that should fix the problem.

I don't know what you were aiming for with the ears; they look kind of off. You're going to want a good reference for them... say, this one:

The upper lip should probably be more visible.

The shading looks a bit angular; you might want to smooth it out.

Kam!! @ 9/2/2010 18:29 commented on Special Ops mockup

Minor, easily fixed problem: it should be "We need to stay on guard", not "We need to stay in guard".

Kam!! @ 9/2/2010 06:20 commented on I

You have some issues when it comes to shading the hair. What you did is what we pixel artists call "pillowshading"; basically, it's putting the lightest shades in the middle and the darkest shades at the edges. The end result looks incredibly unrealistic.

What you have to do to fix this is simple. Figure out where your lightsource is. (Judging by the symmetrical face shading, I'm assuming it's from directly above you.) Then, shade the hair by determining where the light would hit it. Don't worry about shading the strands of hair individually, just shade the object as a whole.

There are a couple of anatomy issues, but I'm not the best person to ask about that. My main problem is how low down the mouth is; it should be a bit higher up.

Finally, you may want to screw around with the background colors; the blue shirt really clashes with the green background.

But all in all it's pretty good.

Kam!! @ 9/1/2010 18:39 commented on Silvin

@ Badassbill: I wasn't really aiming for Pokemon style here. But thanks!

@Sneep: Why thank you. :D I was expecting people to tear my stuff apart, honestly... it's surprising to see I've gotten such positive comments.

Kam!! @ 8/31/2010 16:38 commented on The Guy who says SPAM throught megaphone

The big problem here is how the mouth moves. Look at yourself in the mirror and talk; your lower jaw has to move in order to move your mouth, yet the jaw remains static and the mouth moves. Move the lower jaw downwards when the mouth is open and the animation will look far more realistic.

Kam!! @ 8/31/2010 15:50 commented on Karate Cat

Might just be me, but the left foot (our left, not his) looks odd due to the large amount of contrast. The antialiasing is superb, yeah, but when compared to the shading on the rest of the piece it really sticks out like a sore thumb. Using the first shade of aa to actually shade it like you did it on the right hand might help.

The shark is adorable, but I'd add some gills to it. Maybe add a dorsal fin of some sort?

All in all, though, fantastic piece.