Mandrill @ 4/22/2019 03:40 commented on Black Hole Hand

I knew it was you from the preview.

Such an amazing piece. The dark backround makes the highs and mids really pop, great!

Mandrill @ 4/22/2019 03:33 commented on Study

Thanks a lot, WreX!

Mandrill @ 4/22/2019 03:25 commented on Mortarion

Papa Nurgle bless!

Mandrill @ 4/13/2019 15:56 commented on Study

@ Irena

Damn, that's amazing! Glad you like it that much and that it goes well with the chili peppers! Thank you. :)

Mandrill @ 4/13/2019 15:55 commented on Study

@ wolf

Thanks a ton, man! It's always an honour to hear from you!

Mandrill @ 4/10/2019 15:08 commented on Its not our Earth anymore

Godlike, my friend. Extremely impressive!

Mandrill @ 4/7/2019 15:34 commented on Study

Hehe, thank you so much, dude! :)

Mandrill @ 4/7/2019 14:55 commented on Sensory Deprivation framed pixel

Killer cluster work!

Mandrill @ 4/7/2019 14:54 commented on Amoura Nocturra

And again I'm blown away by the sheer power of your pieces! Brilliant.

Mandrill @ 4/7/2019 14:16 commented on Study

Thanks a bunch, buddy! :D

Mandrill @ 4/6/2019 03:12 commented on Barbatos

Mandrill @ 3/21/2019 16:46 commented on Jurassic King

Hell Yeah!

Mandrill @ 2/28/2019 15:58 commented on Big Bird

Mandrill @ 2/28/2019 15:57 commented on Elk's Tale of Enki Titlescreen

Einfach wundervoll!

Mandrill @ 2/27/2019 14:16 commented on Streets of Rage - NES

Like it was made for the NES! Great Stuff.

Mandrill @ 2/25/2019 11:35 commented on Power Suit (M2)

Extremely detailed and well pixelled!

Did you use a reference?

Mandrill @ 2/21/2019 08:39 commented on Autumnal Dragon

I cannot describe how great this looks! Pretty much perfect.

Mandrill @ 2/21/2019 08:30 commented on Errant

Great artistic choice to keep the specs on his shoulder pad quite dark and work with rim light as well as the highilghts on his hair. Superb design too.

Excellent piece!

Mandrill @ 2/21/2019 08:28 commented on Dream Envoy

Wonderful piece. I especially like the smooth clusters.

Mandrill @ 2/19/2019 15:32 commented on TF2 Portraits

I've have been a fan of these for years! The best portrait series on PJ!

Mandrill @ 2/16/2019 04:43 commented on Too tired of blood (Remastered)

Jesus christ, dude! I've never thought one could capture the essence of fully fleshed 90s Warhammer/LotR/Mutant Chronicle paintings in pixel art.

Heavy metal as F.A.K.K!

Mandrill @ 2/15/2019 07:26 commented on The Black Castle

Damn! Excellent piece.

Mandrill @ 2/14/2019 03:59 commented on Cityscape

Didn't expect such an huge and absolutely sublime piece with that preview, I'm blown away.

Mandrill @ 2/14/2019 03:56 commented on Swamp Beast

I could write the same about you! Thank you so much, man.

I adore your style. It looks effortless and yet full of details and charme.

Mandrill @ 2/14/2019 03:55 commented on Kaban.

Your work has reached a new level. It looks so refined and carefully planned. Clusters, colours and the way you balance your sprites is top notch and this piece is no exception.