orbofwisdom @ 7/8/2008 10:05 commented on Big Bird

orbofwisdom @ 7/7/2008 20:49 commented on AlphaHeroes
It is known as an initial. (I had to look it up after I realized that I didn't know what that was called)

orbofwisdom @ 7/6/2008 22:09 commented on AlphaHeroes
You managed to finish it!

Oh man, C is like the Noid except less batshit insane and without the ears.

Probably completely impractical for use, but so awesome nonetheless.

orbofwisdom @ 7/6/2008 22:03 commented on Font
Also the fact that B/8, D/O/0, and S/5 are the same is slightly offputting.

However, it reminds me of the font FFF Sailor, which is a good thing, seeing as how I used to be a fan of that font.

Edit: kinda beat by Lovec :o

orbofwisdom @ 7/6/2008 13:06 commented on 9-bit Chrome Font
Classy. B)

I think that chroming out an 80's terminal-style font was a slightly strange idea to begin with, but the result looks great so :o

orbofwisdom @ 7/4/2008 22:27 commented on font ^^
Heh, first thing I thought of were Matriax's fonts, but then again, I was just looking at them a few minutes ago, so...

Also you're missing the letter L (although you do have Ñ which is cool :o)

orbofwisdom @ 7/3/2008 18:36 commented on Challenge Font : The Jalonso Font!?
That is one snazzy font, although the middle of the 5 seems too thick compared to the other numbers.

As for a name, I would go for something related to the will-o'-wisp, as it kinda reminds me of one. (Although that's only because these things remind me of an object from the freeware game Seiklus but that's too convoluted of a connection methinks)

If you want to go for a bad pun, you could call it the ignis fontuus (see Wikipedia)

orbofwisdom @ 7/3/2008 18:02 commented on Big Bird
it makes sense, although you might want to illustrate the "three sides" thing better by having a 1x octagon similar to your "exception to 1-px lines" thing

also 4-1-1-1-3 technically is smaller toward the inside of the curve, what you're doing with the 3-2-1-2-2 is gradually making the numbers smaller toward the inside, isn't it?

orbofwisdom @ 7/3/2008 16:35 commented on Big Bird
I can't get the WYSIWYG editor to work on Firefox TWO ): oh hey

http://pixeljoint.com/pixelart/33699.htm <- font i made, the general consensus seems to be "kinda hard-to-read but cool-looking," which i will gladly take

orbofwisdom @ 3/1/2008 20:27 commented on Big Bird
thats the last time i decide to enter a weekly challenge blarghasdjkdjk

orbofwisdom @ 2/27/2008 20:24 commented on Big Bird
it's the only major thing that's happened in garfield in how many years?

orbofwisdom @ 2/10/2008 13:48 commented on Big Bird
butter pecan is the shit

orbofwisdom @ 2/3/2008 19:16 commented on Big Bird
fuck the postgame where's my house

orbofwisdom @ 7/24/2007 13:16 commented on Rustbug Walk
Heh, the barrel looks pretty strange when zoomed in, but looks alright at 1x. Not sure how it would look if the wobbling was limited to just subpixelling, but that might look interesting.

orbofwisdom @ 6/25/2007 10:56 commented on Smile
color count: 13 (inc. transparency)

I like that you added colored outlines :o

orbofwisdom @ 6/24/2007 16:10 commented on Isometric Wii
The yellow light is indistinguishable from the white at 1x zoom. Also the A button looks slightly lopsided, but otherwise it's a good resemblance.

orbofwisdom @ 6/24/2007 14:54 commented on Breakfast Pals
Arrr, I guess that's what you get for being so high in cholesterol, you chicken reject >:o

Fixed, also changed one of the holes on the cheese.

orbofwisdom @ 6/24/2007 07:25 commented on 1bit skull
You should get rid of the black cross so the actual file isn't 3 colors :o

Otherwise, very sweet, although I can't get it to sync with my monitor very well.

orbofwisdom @ 6/21/2007 19:42 commented on REZurrection
No, I used MSPaint and Fireworks to animate. Fireworks is a really good program, though. I'm just tired and feel like blaming it on the program.

orbofwisdom @ 2/10/2007 19:31 commented on My Icon
Is this a terrorist video? I'll have to alert Boston PD about this.

orbofwisdom @ 11/13/2006 21:00 commented on News Reader Talk Icon
/b/, I salute you.

orbofwisdom @ 9/25/2006 14:03 commented on Big Bird
Just like that "John" dude who contributed to some pissant rag, I think it was called "The Bibble" or something.

orbofwisdom @ 9/25/2006 06:10 commented on Fad Portrait #2138124
Thanks for the comments. :) Actually, I went with this technique because I didn't know how to do fancy opacity effects. >_>

I also edited it so I don't look like I'm as old as I did before.

orbofwisdom @ 9/24/2006 15:43 commented on Big Bird
Really? Well damn, maybe I just need to clear out my cookies or something.

orbofwisdom @ 7/26/2006 12:48 commented on Aborigine
I think "baumanning" is a synonym for stealing other's work, originating from Eric Bauman of eBaums World, who gained notoriety from that sort of thing.