Psiweapon @ 8/11/2017 01:20 commented on Seeker - PC 98 tribute

Well, I'm still exploring the technique, so I'm bound to err on the side of excess rather than defect.

You don't really know the limitations of a technique until you've explored it thoroughly... on the other hand, I find dither patterns soothing, same with big chunky halftone prints.

So far all my dither pieces have been a research *on* dithering, what you can do with it and how. This time I was figuring out 8 basic patterns that yield all the typical dither patterns from 0% to 100%, and which order to paint them in.

Thanks a lot for the feedback people :)

Psiweapon @ 8/11/2017 01:09 commented on Seeker - PC 98 tribute


Psiweapon @ 8/10/2017 09:11 commented on Lucky Joo Won Cat

This looks nice but I think you're going to need to revise it... there is "dirty" shading all over the place.

You need a definite colorcount.

Psiweapon @ 8/10/2017 09:04 commented on Cyber GUI

It's lovely but I think it'd look even better with more, thinner dither patterns on the face.

Psiweapon @ 3/16/2017 11:00 commented on 51-UM

Weird... but badass :D

Psiweapon @ 3/16/2017 11:00 commented on fantasy fighters

Top center and bottom left my favourites <3

Psiweapon @ 3/8/2017 04:27 commented on Dreams of Astra

This looks like a minimalist cousin to UnDungeon stuff.

Also, two technical notes:

- Please don't resize the picture for uploading. There is a built-in zoom function.

- Please don't use machine-resized thumbnails for the preview. They stop being pixel-art, and in this particular case the machine anti-alias is ruining your preview pic.

Psiweapon @ 3/8/2017 04:18 commented on Laser

Reminds me a lot of the Independence Day ufos bombardment laser

Psiweapon @ 3/8/2017 04:16 commented on [OC] Posing

It's even more apparent on your DA?

What a nightmare.

Psiweapon @ 3/8/2017 04:15 commented on Abyssal Floating Drydock

Okay so this is fanart of some moe anthropomorphism thing.

Psiweapon @ 3/7/2017 08:48 commented on [OC] Posing

Yet another reminder that you don't have to say it's an ORIGINAL CHARACTER every single time.

Psiweapon @ 3/7/2017 08:47 commented on [OC] Posing

Unless you say it's a game asset or fanart or something, "original character" is the default interpretation.

Psiweapon @ 3/7/2017 08:45 commented on [OC] Attack Animation

This is fluid and funny but I miss the times when people weren't spewing OC OC OC OC OC OC OC OC around all the fucking time.

Yes, the same feedback applies here.

Psiweapon @ 3/7/2017 08:43 commented on [OC] Battle Animation

This is fluid and funny but I miss the times when people weren't spewing OC OC OC OC OC OC OC OC around all the fucking time.


Psiweapon @ 3/7/2017 08:40 commented on Abyssal Floating Drydock

What does this have to do with a dry dock.

Psiweapon @ 3/2/2017 19:15 commented on Shopping


Psiweapon @ 3/1/2017 07:49 commented on Iga Fatalska's Portrait

Well maybe you can't explain everything you'd like to but you've given me useful feedback, so thanks!

Psiweapon @ 2/27/2017 18:33 commented on Shai Hulud

Yeah, it's nice to have something in compensation.

To be honest the "victim of circumstance" award must be far more uncommon than the green challenge ribbon

Psiweapon @ 2/27/2017 16:02 commented on Shai Hulud

Victim of Circumstance

Lol, what the hell. Well thanks, I didn't have any of those.


Psiweapon @ 2/27/2017 14:07 commented on Shai Hulud

I'm pretty sure I did but I can't go back in time and make sure

Psiweapon @ 2/27/2017 10:50 commented on Shai Hulud

I'm wondering what the fuck did I even make this for if it hasn't been added to the challenge

Psiweapon @ 2/27/2017 10:26 commented on mirror of myself

Hey, what the hell!

I submitted my challenge pic on time for the sand-dweller challenge, why isn't it on the list?!

Psiweapon @ 2/26/2017 19:32 commented on Avatar

Can you elaborate on the techniques used?

Psiweapon @ 2/26/2017 12:47 commented on avatar_hypno

Hahahah thanks for commenting! - That was exactly the idea behind it.

I'm thinking I should put it on a transp background if possible, or maybe make an entirely new one

Psiweapon @ 2/26/2017 12:25 commented on Darth Vader


Me encanta esta clase de dibujos

I love this sort of drawings