Prototailz @ 4/11/2012 08:57 commented on Burgundy dragon

 That's one hell of a introduction.

Prototailz @ 3/12/2012 03:28 commented on Pixel fighter

 The stance looks a bit awkward to me.

Prototailz @ 3/12/2012 03:26 commented on Let's fight!

 Her face looks quite manly. Also, her arms are pretty far away from the rest of the body, you should have them closer to the torso/face, to protect you. And I think her back is way too straight for a fighting pose, it should be a little curved.

Prototailz @ 3/12/2012 03:08 commented on I fight

It's fine work and all that, looks a bit too dark for my taste, but the animation itself bugs me. Why would you swing back and forth in a combat situation? It's just a waste of energy and looks quite silly, especially with that much motion. Lessening the amount of swinging would make animating easier too.

Prototailz @ 3/12/2012 03:01 commented on Fighter sprite

He has a very wide and unprotected fighting stance for a muay thai fighter. Otherwise it's quite good work, like the style!

Prototailz @ 2/28/2012 02:01 commented on Nygelströmn

 He has a face?

Prototailz @ 2/25/2012 20:35 commented on 32x32 Game Textures

 I would want to see them in 1x.

Prototailz @ 2/11/2012 16:55 commented on 1 bit game

This is a 1-bit palette (2 colors, like those old mobile phones have), not a 2-bit (4 colors, like Game Boy has). Doesn't really matter though since the 2-bit palette can include the 1-bit palette in it, but I think that you mean 1-bit instead of 2-bit.

Prototailz @ 1/27/2012 03:26 commented on Winter

 Reminds me of Yonah from Nier. Good job!

Prototailz @ 1/10/2012 23:26 commented on St. Shark


Yeah, I guess the lack of (visible) teeth and the general non-pointiness (is that even a word?) of it makes it look more like a dolphin or something. I mostly referenced to Blick's Shark, I probably should've used other references too, missed a lot of important points. And the unhappiness, well, I tried to make it look a bit sad and/or serious as a contrast to Blick's smiling and sly looking shark. IMO saints usually look serious, at least in Christian imagery.

Now that you mention it, it does look a lot like a sun, and I can't get that image off my head. I should really do something about that.

Yeah, the text panel is kinda silly. I thought it would be pretty cool to have, like in one of those frescoes or murals that have latin text on them, but I got pretty unimaginative and lazy at the end. Now that I look at it afterwards, it really doesn't work (at least not in its current form).

Thanks for your constructive comment and tips, might try improving it later if I have the time.

Prototailz @ 1/9/2012 05:00 commented on Libra

 I really love the idea of this picture, but it's just confusing to look at. It could really use some depth, as in Mr. Anubis being farther from the scales, now it looks like they're at the same depth level (if that makes any sense).

Prototailz @ 1/9/2012 04:50 commented on Too fat

Maybe it's just my imagination, but that preview image looks really dirty.

Other than that, pretty good work, clever idea, though I think the skin's a bit too... shiny or glossy I guess?

Prototailz @ 11/29/2011 23:32 commented on Game in Space

 The characters could be a bit larger in my opinion. I'd imagine that if this was a real game you could easily lose track of your tiny tiny character in the more hectic parts of the game.

Prototailz @ 11/16/2011 09:22 commented on New avatar

 It's clearly a buttplug.

Prototailz @ 11/16/2011 09:19 commented on Ice cream hat

 I think a little bit of antialias would do wonders to this. Right now it looks a bit rough. And the melting animation looks a bit silly if you pay attention to it.

Prototailz @ 10/24/2011 02:39 commented on Time Mirror


Prototailz @ 9/5/2011 20:39 commented on Guernica3D

 The screens are cluttered with all this text, icons and whatnot, making the screens very confusing to look at. Deciding whether it's an adventure shooter or an arcade shooter would help a lot, and for example, instead of having some huge text telling you that your shield is low you could have a full screen glow or something that would relay the same message or a flashing/glowing shield icon or something.

The player's health/shield/whatever bars are a bit too close to the edge in my taste, could move a pixel or two away from the edges. Also, having some kind of icon denote what these bars are supposed to be telling the player would be great too, less manual/tutorial reading or UI deduction for the player = good.

The inventory has way too small text for the items, you really have to strain your eyes to see what they say, yet the rest of the game has this huge font.

Also I think the enemies should pop out more, might be just me, but now they kind of blend with the background (well, except the hugeass monsters/enemies) and with all the stuff on the screen it becomes quite difficult to tell where the enemy is. Wouldn't be that big of an issue though if there wasn't so much clutter on the screen in the first place.

Otherwise this is a pretty great piece of work. And by the way, which platform is this mockup designed for?

Prototailz @ 9/1/2011 22:43 commented on Zumu vs Extraterrestrials

 You could try making the water more... waterish, looks more like ice at the moment. Unless it's supposed to be ice.

Prototailz @ 6/8/2011 16:30 commented on Skull Warrior

You should probably experiment more with colors, play around with hue and/or saturation, and the cloth on the waist could use some shading.

Prototailz @ 6/7/2011 04:20 commented on Big Bird


Prototailz @ 6/6/2011 07:27 commented on sunshine

There's a couple jaggy lines that could use some fixing, namely the back of the attacking creature, but excellent debut otherwise, good sir! Well drawn, well shaded, a handclap for you!  

Prototailz @ 6/6/2011 06:39 commented on Green Ninja

The animation's a bit unclear for my eyes, you can barely see the sparkly... thingy and I'm not sure what it's supposed to be, and it's might be just me, but I think the legs are a bit short compared to the rest of the body. Otherwise it's pretty cool, reminds me of Konami's NES games.

Prototailz @ 8/16/2009 14:35 commented on The Final Battle

Looks great, but it doesn't really have that final boss/epic battle feeling.

Prototailz @ 7/15/2009 19:38 commented on ~BERSERK~ Demon Griffith Avatar

 But the question is... did they have latex in hell? I think so.

Prototailz @ 7/15/2009 18:27 commented on ~BERSERK~ Demon Griffith Avatar

 More like king of latex. No offense.