vimmel @ 8/28/2015 04:17 commented on Long face

@Mandrill - Haha, yeah! :) Thanks man, glad you like it!

@Pheno - Thanks dude! Yeah, you are right, the neck probably needs a touch up.

vimmel @ 1/5/2015 05:26 commented on Santa

Thanks alot, glad you like it!

vimmel @ 1/5/2015 04:33 commented on Painful Palette

Daaamn mate! That face looks really great, love the abstract shapes and the palette is really interesting :)

Happy new year man


vimmel @ 12/25/2014 01:16 commented on Santa

Thanks man ;) Happy Holidays!

vimmel @ 12/25/2014 01:13 commented on Cacodemon

Thanks mate, much appreciated!

vimmel @ 12/24/2014 15:22 commented on Big Bird

You are pretty much right Zizka. You play the protagonist in a movie basically and have to make all of the moral decisions in conversations and actions which leads to different scenarios and outcomes. I wouldnt say that the Telltale games are tough though. :)

vimmel @ 12/23/2014 14:11 commented on F-6X-5000 HizDAKAKAKA

@Lindion45 - Cheers man

vimmel @ 12/23/2014 05:45 commented on F-6X-5000 HizDAKAKAKA

@failureboy - Thanks man :)

@jalonso - Glad you do! Thanks!

@Mr.Fahrenheit - Thanks!

@Daruda - Cheers man, glad youl ike it!

vimmel @ 12/22/2014 03:59 commented on Gut Magus

This one is awesome! Really diggin it

vimmel @ 12/22/2014 03:58 commented on Octo

My top vote, congrats man! :) Love the animation btw, the pupil contracting was a really nice touch!

vimmel @ 12/22/2014 03:56 commented on Cacodemon

Thanks! But more congratulations to you, sir! ;)

vimmel @ 12/22/2014 03:54 commented on Mausoleum

One of my favorites! Solid pixeling man

vimmel @ 12/21/2014 06:49 commented on Alien dude

@RBL - Thanks! I guess? :) Dont know how they look like

@LTPATS - Cheers man. Yeaaah, me too. But I just wanted it finished :)

@Mandrill - Thanks alot mate! Really glad you like it :)

vimmel @ 12/16/2014 04:26 commented on Planete Atari

This is beautiful!

vimmel @ 12/14/2014 05:45 commented on Cacodemon

Thanks alot, glad you like!

vimmel @ 12/13/2014 15:40 commented on Cacodemon

Yeah man, really like it! I might revisit it a last time :) Thanks a bunch for the feedback man, really appreciate it!

vimmel @ 12/12/2014 11:49 commented on Cacodemon

@Mandrill: Thanks mate, glad you like it!
Ive actually tried to get a spec into the eye, but since the eye is so shadowed by the eyebrow and the light is top-down I couldnt get it to look that good. Perhaps something more subtle. Any suggestions?

@Dr D: this is an ancient jungle forest granddaddy-caco, you see, and hes green :) Cheers man!

vimmel @ 12/11/2014 12:38 commented on Excuse me lady, but I think your head is screaming

Oshit thats scary! Excellent pixeling and the blood is great!

vimmel @ 12/11/2014 04:40 commented on Cacodemon

@BathMaster 2000: I thought that was to cute actually to fit the Doom universe, and a fun thing to have in the preview :)

vimmel @ 12/11/2014 04:15 commented on Cacodemon

@Theoden:  Thanks mate!


@Limes: Too bad for you ;) Thanks alot though!

@Mrmo Tarius: Thanks mate :)

@MasterSky: Thanks! Glad you think so! That was my intent :)

@raymoohawk: Thanks alot!

vimmel @ 12/10/2014 06:08 commented on Octo

Looks badass man! Definitely Doom :)

vimmel @ 12/9/2014 10:05 commented on With the glimmer of metal...

Awesome piece! Really feeling it, great lightning :)

Please upload in its original size, theres a zoom function that works really well.


vimmel @ 12/8/2014 15:51 commented on Necrotic Dshinn

Love it! Looks like a big moon in the background now, schweet :)

vimmel @ 12/7/2014 18:58 commented on Necrotic Dshinn

Really awesome character and colors!  Great face :)

Im with FrostPumkin on that one, I think the background could make the character pop alot more if its a bit darker.


vimmel @ 12/5/2014 03:52 commented on Thema Safiyah

Enjoyed them alot!