ambivorous @ 6/12/2019 03:54 commented on Fantasy Jungle

Yay! A new Nauris tileset! ^^ <3

ambivorous @ 6/2/2019 09:08 commented on 1 year of pixel art

Nice progress man. Looks like you've learned a lot.

ambivorous @ 5/28/2019 15:28 commented on Cruspacean Invasion

Oh, my word! I recorded it using ShareX, just playing the game with my assets loaded, but the file size was too large (I didn't even know PJ had a file size limit!), so I loaded it into some online GIF optimizer to compress it and I guess it removed all the excess colours, so yay.
This whole thing was quite the debacle though and I tried 10+ different versions before it finally worked.

*sigh* Next time I'll just manually make a gif...

ambivorous @ 5/17/2019 08:12 commented on Roguelike game mockup

Ah yeah that outline matches the rest of the scene way better already!

I'm so sorry I pointed this out if it makes you redo everything though, haha. My bad. :x

ambivorous @ 5/17/2019 04:48 commented on Roguelike game mockup

Looks awesome!

Some unsolicited critique: your enemies have really heavy outlines, but your player character has hardly any and is generally lacking in contrast compared to them. Just for consistency; they're both great individually.

ambivorous @ 5/1/2019 06:56 commented on Suicide King

Well you used it excellenty! Awesome stuff.

ambivorous @ 5/1/2019 06:19 commented on Forward a better World

Cool effects on the road. I particularly like the way you've done the second truck back - love how those shapes and colours play together.

ambivorous @ 5/1/2019 06:17 commented on Red

Very impressive!

ambivorous @ 5/1/2019 06:13 commented on Sam

Oh good 'ol Sam, 'ey? But where is the other animation, which was clearly better in every way? :D

ambivorous @ 5/1/2019 06:12 commented on "A loser and a drunk?"

I really like your characters. Good stuff.

ambivorous @ 5/1/2019 06:11 commented on Templars Rest

I'm glad you enjoyed making this so much; I enjoy looking at it. Excellent as always~

ambivorous @ 4/29/2019 15:46 commented on Priest Fighter idle animation

Thanks, Soniku~~

ambivorous @ 4/24/2019 15:27 commented on PrehISOria Collab tiles

Oh no! I missed a cool colab!!
Amazing work as always, Night.

ambivorous @ 4/24/2019 15:24 commented on fox girl

Always smexy, Ziel~

ambivorous @ 4/24/2019 07:15 commented on Durian, Pirate Lord

Love the simple shapes you use and how full of emotion your pieces are, man! Keep it up.

ambivorous @ 3/27/2019 14:26 commented on My Faec

Thanks! I just edited it though (because people don't recognise me without my glasses, rip T_T), but I hope you still like it!

ambivorous @ 7/31/2017 15:48 commented on Defining the Narrative

wzl doesn't deserve credit.
Done. :p

ambivorous @ 7/12/2017 23:52 commented on unearthed prophecy

Looking sick, man.

ambivorous @ 3/6/2016 07:10 commented on Planets

More planets I made as an edit over on Pixelation for you to use as reference if you'd like.

Thanks and glad it's helped you out!

ambivorous @ 3/4/2016 15:21 commented on Planets

Thanks, Theoden!

I am indeed from Pixelation, Ziz. Hope things are going well with your game. I'm sure Manupix will see this if he has not already. I doubt I should PM him just to inform him that I have posted art that he might like. ;D

ambivorous @ 2/17/2016 22:26 commented on RPG icons with a modified DB32 palette

I really like the clusters on those swords.

ambivorous @ 2/6/2016 10:04 commented on the basic Slime

And you have right to be proud. You've captured the essence of the hop amazingly.

ambivorous @ 2/4/2016 14:51 commented on Better Archer


It is a cape, yes. This is called peer pressure and it's wrong! T_T

ambivorous @ 2/3/2016 05:36 commented on Unicorn

Very nice pose and mood.

ambivorous @ 2/2/2016 17:20 commented on Magic Cliffs Tile Set

Really nice colours and style.