Strazt @ 5/17/2019 14:06 commented on Moonlight Bouquet

@showtime: Thank you! c:

Strazt @ 5/14/2019 12:10 commented on Moonlight Bouquet

@MicmasH: Thanks much! I find myself really liking these kinds of colors together. One of my favorite general color schemes. :) 

Strazt @ 11/10/2018 23:44 commented on Prism Punk


Thank you c:

Strazt @ 11/8/2018 08:25 commented on Prism Punk


Thanks! :)

Strazt @ 7/19/2018 12:48 commented on Exorcism

@FoxTurtle: Metal af! :D

@Sxldierman: Thanks! c:

Strazt @ 7/3/2018 13:55 commented on Commission - Pathfinder Sprites

@pyrometal: Thx! Had a lotta fun doing these. :)

Strazt @ 6/18/2018 14:03 commented on Octoboss

@Dastal: Thanks! :)

Strazt @ 6/8/2018 00:47 commented on Fifty Indies

Ah, gotcha. I was looking at a different reference where he seemed fairly amorphous/had a more square-like head.

Strazt @ 6/6/2018 00:52 commented on Fifty Indies

@JerryPie: Ah yes, it's thanks to imonk for the suggestion. I was a bit lazy at the time of uploading. If I had to guess, Runman is likely one of the most obscure ones. A fond memory playing that one summer evening. 

I had a lot of fun doing Shovel Knight and Curly Brace so I'd say those are my favorites. :) 

Strazt @ 6/2/2018 01:08 commented on Fifty Indies

Thanks, everybody. Much appreciated. :)

I have updated the description with all of them (10 per row). 

Strazt @ 5/21/2018 15:44 commented on Hot and Cold

@cpatten: Thanks very much! :)

Strazt @ 5/19/2018 13:40 commented on Hot and Cold

@Adarias: Ty very much! The atypical-ness is likely from my inexperience haha... gotta keep honing my color skills. Glad the personality is coming through; also something i'm trying to do more of. :)

@Kasumi: Thank you, I'm glad the addition of the girl on the right brought more interest. c:

@cure: Ty ty, I'm trying to rein in my AA tendencies more haha... been looking at Hunter and Shawn's work recently, which may explain some small stylistic influences.

Strazt @ 2/12/2018 21:59 commented on Devil Lady Dakiniten - Adventure Kid

Love how you handled the translucency of the silk. Nicely done. 

Strazt @ 2/5/2018 01:46 commented on Space Wyrm

@Mandrill: Thank you man, much appreciated. :)

Strazt @ 2/3/2018 13:57 commented on Space Wyrm

@cure: thanks! honored you think so. 
@eishiya: thank you, the colors kind of happened and are based more off feeling. i'm trying to be more intentional with my colors. still learning. :) and such a project... oof... the scope... haha. someday i'll get around to doing as big a project as that. 
@reo: good point, thank you; i took a lot of inspiration from other people's pieces and the general sentiment for better clusters. i realized that perhaps i've been using aa too much as a crutch to hide imperfections (and poorly at that, even) so trying to shift focus towards my cluster work. 
@diemango: ty ty, still could be improved in some ways i'm sure, but fairly happy at the color balance. 

Strazt @ 1/27/2018 14:18 commented on Moscow Mule

@PBDC: Glad to hear; I'll probably keep doing some minor changes. Thanks again!

Strazt @ 1/26/2018 19:21 commented on Moscow Mule

@PBDC: The intent was to mimic ice akin to this ref: But if that's what you're seeing then I have failed in that aspect. I'll do another pass on it before the deadline. Thanks for pointing it out. :)

Strazt @ 12/24/2017 19:03 commented on Tin Head

Thanks both! :) 

Strazt @ 12/17/2017 15:43 commented on Black Jack for the Game Boy

@Guishermu: Thank you man! It was fun referencing the manga for ideas. :)

Strazt @ 11/18/2017 13:34 commented on Midnight Jog

@Puzan: Thanks for the kind words; there's still a lot to improve on, haha. Probably spent the least amount of time on the water bottle which is why its readability suffered. :)

Strazt @ 11/16/2017 13:10 commented on Midnight Jog

@Knightsabers: Eyy, thanks for the crit man. Yeah, I think I've just stared at it so long I got used to it but I've always thought there was something off... Gonna try more color work in the future and use hopefully less boring ramps. 

Strazt @ 11/8/2017 23:50 commented on Cat Cafe

@truevector: Thank you man, def gonna keep working on my animating skills even more. 

Strazt @ 11/7/2017 12:22 commented on bunny man

Cool stuff!

Strazt @ 11/5/2017 22:01 commented on Cat Cafe

@redmilion: Gracias, tus animaciones estas genial!

Strazt @ 11/4/2017 21:36 commented on Cat Cafe

@wonman: Glad you like it!