BlondeAnt @ 6/20/2018 15:31 commented on Old Snug

My fav yearbook entry

BlondeAnt @ 6/18/2018 09:56 commented on Self portrait

I wouldnt call it hyperrealistic lmao

BlondeAnt @ 1/10/2018 14:50 commented on Me

So good, this is a true statement in the pixelart medium. Keep it up, mysterious man who is totally not Fussionist

BlondeAnt @ 8/31/2017 08:48 commented on Mustard

BlondeAnt @ 8/7/2017 04:15 commented on Big Bird

The hunt is on. Also, why y'all think Jorge Alonso is not a real name?

BlondeAnt @ 8/5/2017 08:42 commented on Big Bird

18. Tina from Bob's Burgers 

BlondeAnt @ 8/5/2017 02:22 commented on Poochie's Acid Boulevard

Nah man, it was a wild ride but fun to use :)

BlondeAnt @ 8/4/2017 08:02 commented on Poochie's Acid Boulevard

Oh sorry, I will have that in mind. 

BlondeAnt @ 7/24/2017 09:23 commented on Weezer Kermit

God, putting one of my first pixelarts in the web would hurt

BlondeAnt @ 7/17/2017 04:56 commented on Marvin

The canvas has to be 350x350 or is that the max size?

BlondeAnt @ 7/17/2017 04:54 commented on Lt.Col. Kilgore

Oohhh shit, I was going to do this one for the challenge, I already got some of the lineart and I also started composing the palette lol

BlondeAnt @ 7/13/2017 14:23 commented on The Stair Gap

Not much, It seems like you just added another colour but the pixels are still very scattered. Try to make more consistent groups with pixels of the same tone. Anyway, the added colour is still an upgrade as it makes the scene feel a bit more believable.

BlondeAnt @ 7/13/2017 07:17 commented on Big Bird

@Zizka Well, anything can be dark. A juggler can be something terryfying if done correctly. 

If it doesnt convince you, you could try to add a skull to any of your previous ideas 

BlondeAnt @ 7/13/2017 04:35 commented on The Stair Gap

Cool animation, but the grass texture is a bit noisy, try to work with clusters in that area

BlondeAnt @ 7/13/2017 04:14 commented on Big Bird

Is there any other website where he submitted his art?

BlondeAnt @ 7/12/2017 16:18 commented on Kayn / Rhaast

Really good use of dithering 

BlondeAnt @ 7/12/2017 16:08 commented on Big Bird

Wait why? What?! I loved all his work, he was such a legend 

BlondeAnt @ 7/11/2017 03:19 commented on Dark Spirit Profile Picture

When uploading a pixelart you should try to control the colour count. This piece has 55 colours, most of them being diferent tones of gray, so in my opinion you should try to remove the grayish lines that surround the sprite area.

Another thing that could help it leave the queue is deleting the white background.

BlondeAnt @ 7/11/2017 02:02 commented on Your Brain on Bobs!

Im not big on double pixel outline, but I think this is the only piece using it in a way I like

BlondeAnt @ 7/10/2017 14:50 commented on First sprite of a human

adding to what gennoveus said I would also delete the white background and turn it to transparent or to a more neutral colour. 

Also I would suggest to practice a bit before submitting pieces to the gallery. If you are looking for advice you can use the forums from this page or from

BlondeAnt @ 7/10/2017 14:35 commented on Abstract Superhero

Too many colors for a piece so small, also I can barely see the shape of the superhero 

BlondeAnt @ 7/10/2017 13:19 commented on Big Bird

Well, priorities I guess 

BlondeAnt @ 7/10/2017 08:57 commented on Wee Mee

Is it okay if it includes hate symbols? I'll probably do Mississippi Burning and it will be difficult not to get some of these around.

BlondeAnt @ 7/10/2017 08:50 commented on Big Bird

Yeah I know well. Some times when I type a word starting with a P I write porn instead of the word I was meant to. Which always gives awesome google results like "Watercolour brush porn" (I meant pack) or "how to find newspaper archives by porn" (by pages)

BlondeAnt @ 7/10/2017 05:53 commented on Crystal Chess

What happened with it?