joseph_ch @ 12/15/2011 23:10 commented on DANIEL FROM MAYFAIR

 Lol nice!  Great job.. it could use a bit of a background though?

joseph_ch @ 11/29/2011 16:54 commented on Game in Space

 Lovely detail!

joseph_ch @ 4/7/2010 21:26 commented on Plip

 I love it!

joseph_ch @ 3/2/2010 21:55 commented on An unlimited Blue Quest A1

 I love it! what comes out from behind him?

joseph_ch @ 3/2/2010 21:54 commented on ~SatsumeCollection#1

 pretty good!  I could only name off a few of em.  who is the one directly under cloud?

joseph_ch @ 3/1/2010 20:10 commented on Landscape

 fixed a couple things.

joseph_ch @ 3/1/2010 19:52 commented on healing spell

 awesome animation!  very smooth.  looking forward to more of them!

joseph_ch @ 3/1/2010 19:41 commented on UNICORN

I agree, though it defeats the purpose of the aa.

joseph_ch @ 2/28/2010 20:12 commented on Pirate Girl

 very nice.  only thing is I think there are too many black lines that could be replaced with darker shades.

I would love to see a full version, good luck!

joseph_ch @ 2/25/2010 14:03 commented on Cave Exit

 I love it!  I pasted into paint and darkened the background.
It became much more clear and looked excellent!
The green light really shows nicely on the floor.


joseph_ch @ 8/26/2009 22:30 commented on flapjack

 man, I love flapjack!

joseph_ch @ 8/21/2009 13:31 commented on Dirty Pig

I love how it's smooth and sharp at the same time.

joseph_ch @ 8/13/2009 23:21 commented on RPG Tree Redux

 no roots?  it's still awesome!

joseph_ch @ 8/12/2009 02:04 commented on Big Bird

 Since when have there been 6 possible rating buttons?

joseph_ch @ 8/10/2009 23:46 commented on tiny roguelike

 man, this is awesome.  very inspiring!

joseph_ch @ 8/10/2009 23:39 commented on Murloc

 wow, the shading is amazing.
great job, no problems here!

5 + fav

joseph_ch @ 8/9/2009 12:23 commented on Some Mario Enemies

 Just gorgeous!

joseph_ch @ 7/29/2009 22:13 commented on Moon Pie?

 I love the fading of the horizon.  Stars are sweet too!
Looks great!

joseph_ch @ 7/28/2009 23:06 commented on Alien tracks on the moon.

Haha!  I love the idea he's think of!

joseph_ch @ 7/28/2009 23:04 commented on some shmups atempts

 photoshop should tell you.

joseph_ch @ 7/28/2009 23:03 commented on another shmup spaceship

 I really like the designs you're making on these!

I think the colors are great, and the hsading is simple, but it works well.
Good job on all of these so far!

joseph_ch @ 7/26/2009 22:13 commented on Dancing car VI

 Man, I love this, other than the sharp pixels on the rotation.

Other than that, this is awesome.  I'm a huge can design fan and you did a great job on this wagon.
5 stars + fav.

joseph_ch @ 7/26/2009 00:40 commented on Midnight Rescue

 very cool, for the most part.
looks like a pencil drawing!

the edges of the moon/sun? could be better, without that thick black line.
still pretty awesome.  good job!

joseph_ch @ 7/23/2009 22:31 commented on Griffon

 I love it!  has a great pokemon style to it, but not enough to think it's a pokemon.  nice job!

joseph_ch @ 7/21/2009 22:59 commented on Say no to booze

 fool, you are definintely my favorite artist on pixel joint.  you always have new stuff and it's always ridicously awesome! congrats on being kick ass!