Terley @ 3/11/2013 07:35 commented on Cuteheart - Brain Ghosts

 Love the style of this :)

Terley @ 3/11/2013 07:34 commented on Astro Boy

 Awesome! I love Astroboy

Terley @ 6/26/2012 05:50 commented on Lana del rey

 Could afford to make her lips much bigger haha.

Terley @ 3/5/2009 14:56 commented on Big Bird

Hey I won first place in the weekly challenge a couple of weeks back, anyone know whether I get to come up with a challenge in the future?  Thought that was a part getting first place :S

Terley @ 2/25/2009 23:00 commented on Oddly balded fat faced Vic

I think this is awesome.

Terley @ 2/16/2009 02:57 commented on Who ordered a scary ass clown?
Wow omg I've won  ! ive never won anythin b4 thank you so much!

Terley @ 2/12/2009 01:41 commented on Golden Suprise
Great colour use jamon, overall very awesome :)

Terley @ 2/12/2009 01:36 commented on Robot wants to play
Haha its so cute, didnt expect this from the preview.

Terley @ 2/9/2009 12:43 commented on VAT
very sweet. like this lots.

Terley @ 2/8/2009 06:19 commented on TWEWY Andrew

love the style and colour here :) wd.

Terley @ 2/8/2009 06:12 commented on Who ordered a scary ass clown?
oh thx for the comments :) really enjoyed the challenge, just hope I get somewhere in the top 3 never had a prize before  , I know there's usually some late entries will most likely kick this outta the water but can still hope.

Terley @ 2/7/2009 20:25 commented on Thwomp
very impressive, from the preview i had no idea how it would be animated, didnt expect this. well done :)

Terley @ 2/7/2009 20:22 commented on Drove my Chevy to the levy. . . (self-portrait)

awesome, starting to like this palette more and more :)



Terley @ 1/28/2009 09:47 commented on Doll5
This is wonderful, welldone :)

Terley @ 1/26/2009 05:03 commented on Small dino
looks like a penis

Terley @ 1/20/2009 14:24 commented on Rock Lee

Any need to post this on You've not changed it at all, everyone who gave you criticism on this has just wasted their time if you've just dubbed this as now finished.. Not sour just this could have been worked on more, wayofthepixel is great for crits and its a shame people don't realise that.

Interesting pose but some serious anatomy issues here I believe need to be looked at.

Sorry but posted pre-maturely in my opinion.

Terley @ 1/3/2009 13:29 commented on Afghani Girl
Doesn't look polished enough to me, there's some good critique on pixelation still to be revised I recon.

Terley @ 12/22/2008 20:12 commented on Terley and the small orange fairy - for Jolly
Lol why's this back again?

Terley @ 5/4/2008 15:48 commented on Badetag (Bath time)

Poor sheep.

You could very your textures a bit more kinda seems pointless in some places but yeh favourite of your work thus yet.

Terley @ 5/4/2008 15:39 commented on Cado Astrum
The animation's got a great fluid feel to it Nathan, im not surprised atall it's very well executed. But it isn't exactly a violent bang at all, more than anything just somethings bursting but have to say got a nice charm to it.

Terley @ 4/1/2008 10:10 commented on Blink City

Jesus christ for a minute there my heart sank, I was like 'what the hell is the world coming to?'.

We love you Jal.

Terley @ 2/22/2008 15:51 commented on Ed (SOTD)

Rtil did this with the release of the new pixel tools plugin for flash.

interesting stuff.

Terley @ 1/21/2008 23:24 commented on Updated fadatar - watering mouth

Because everyone else has grumpy avatars why not. :) thx

Terley @ 1/21/2008 22:45 commented on Updated fadatar - watering mouth

This one? lol. I'll try add that into the animation tommorrow.

Thanks guys.

Terley @ 1/3/2008 23:52 commented on Cornstar on Caffine.

woot made page 10!  Also spotted two of mine on 19 and 26

Hopefully 2008 will bring some extraordinary work, and hopefully I'll climb up the rankings

congratulations everyone, I could spend an eternity looking through the 2007 collection, but sadly my jaw needs to come up some time or other.