amerup @ 8/1/2015 18:10 commented on Maybe it's better this way

This is brilliant. I love how the colors pop, wow. 

amerup @ 5/14/2013 15:03 commented on Factions flags pack

 Very nice work! The one on the far right is my favorite one :)

Keep it up

amerup @ 11/8/2008 20:43 commented on lame mockup
Oh, shit. I forgot about coding this. =P

amerup @ 8/16/2008 21:13 commented on Cycling Pinball
Got my vote.

amerup @ 8/16/2008 13:54 commented on Lil' Dude - Dude
Simply beast. =)

amerup @ 8/16/2008 09:07 commented on Frozyn Character
I think I heard of the game. Good luck with that. =)

The colors are too dull, and they need more contrast and lest dithering.

amerup @ 8/16/2008 09:05 commented on Basket Pinball - Weekly Challenge
It's great.
Got my vote. =)

amerup @ 8/14/2008 17:40 commented on Big Bird
No, not a picture. >_>
More like an html div or table...

amerup @ 8/14/2008 17:40 commented on Big Bird
<div class="omg">Kinda like this.</div>

amerup @ 8/14/2008 16:56 commented on Crimson Steel portraits
Very nice.
Game Maker, eh?

amerup @ 8/14/2008 16:55 commented on Big Bird
Hahah. For all of you who didn't know, see that green bar that says "Random Pixels"?
He posted one as a comment saying test. :P

amerup @ 8/14/2008 15:14 commented on Big Bird
I will NOT find out how you did that.
*evil glare*

amerup @ 8/13/2008 21:25 commented on lil Joker
Why so serious?
Heheh, love this. =)

amerup @ 8/13/2008 16:26 commented on Big Bird
Frost, that's amazing!

amerup @ 8/12/2008 16:04 commented on Big Bird
Wow, great piece.
Thanks. =)

amerup @ 8/12/2008 15:08 commented on Big Bird
Heheh, basically what I do. =P

I'm probably gonna restart the whole thing though..

This time with ambiance, and the moon as the light source.

amerup @ 8/12/2008 15:00 commented on Big Bird
Adam's Pimp My Ride piece?
That was actually my main reference. =P

amerup @ 8/12/2008 14:47 commented on Big Bird
True, but I want the tree itself to look perfect. =P

amerup @ 8/12/2008 14:08 commented on Big Bird
What do you guys think of this tree?

Seems too unfinished to submit...

amerup @ 8/11/2008 21:03 commented on The Proper Undead
Nice job. =)
Reminds me of some Tim Burton movie.
Night Before Christmas?

amerup @ 8/11/2008 20:58 commented on Skullboy Butcher
Hah, I love it.
The concept art was great too. =P

amerup @ 8/11/2008 18:09 commented on Big Shit
"The purple ambient light really makes one wonder what on earth could be bright enough to be a second purple lightsource."
On Earth, or near Earth? O_o

amerup @ 8/11/2008 18:04 commented on A dude
Those are some intense wrinkles. O.o

amerup @ 8/11/2008 13:41 commented on Buddha Gundam
Hah yeah.
Nice shading too. =P

What game's this for?

amerup @ 8/11/2008 09:12 commented on Buddha Gundam
Amazing. O.o
Never knew you did bigger pieces..