[thUg] @ 8/20/2015 02:09 commented on Lazer Fonts

I don't really know but quick enough, maybe 1 or 2h. Fonts are things i can make more quickly, i think it's an ability i kept from demoscene.

[thUg] @ 11/7/2012 23:26 commented on Warcraft II Insp Portraits

Really nice, I love all the orcs face. (There's a Lost Viking hidden in this piece )

[thUg] @ 8/1/2012 14:28 commented on Paying A Visit

now, I can die

[thUg] @ 4/15/2012 21:07 commented on Big Bird

I admit a bit of anger, but it's more like saying it to PJ members who are moslty cool guys, will maybe make them joke, and I'll finaly laugh of it. It's a PJ therapy and it work, a bit of anger left me when I saw your link , thanks

[thUg] @ 4/15/2012 18:53 commented on Big Bird

And this one too, but not as pills...

[thUg] @ 4/15/2012 16:41 commented on Big Bird

Ahhhh! Fucking long friday 13th, it start by breaking my alarm clock on friday morning, wake up to late and my car won't start which made ​​me miss an administrative appointment, so have to get back home to write an excuse letter on pc, where i broke my coolest old desk chair, wanna start my ps3 but it won't read disc, so I decide to go to bed and break it too (3 wooden batten seriously), wake up again, go to give letter, I wrapped a rag that was lying on floor in motorbike chain while leaving, get back, realise I've wrongly type the letter that was still on my screen, decide to open my ps3 to clean it, reassemble it and now it won't swallows disc anymore and my pc start to make a loud drill noise. And today, as a finish move, i called my girlfriend who's far away and a guy take the call, and hear her panicked in the distance (shame on me)

Now I want superpowers, one who make people shit on themself and one who blow everything, to blow all that stuff before walls fall on me tomorrow...

[thUg] @ 4/15/2012 11:17 commented on Big Bird

[thUg] @ 4/14/2012 21:29 commented on Big Bird

I hate how iphone/pod are a polution for people who don't want an iphone ^^

I just wanna buy a new alarm clock, and 50% of models I've seen are provided with an iphone deck, so I wanna buy a stereo and 80% of models I find are provided with an iphone deck and often this deck is a big prominent blocks. On internet, I've seen a coffee machine that work with iphone, and it's like this with more and more stuff.

It just like everyone got an iphone and it's a normal part of human anatomy. I don't want an iphone, and now I'm scared that one day, I just can't drive my car, take a shower, watch tv, get out of my house or people would throw me stones because i don't have an iphone. ^^

(More seriously, I already missed a job in mobile dev, just to have said that I haven't got an iphone and I intended to buy an android. It was 2 or 3 years ago and the guy laugh at me saying "Nobody would develops games for android" , now I felt that I was not the only one to be amputated of something. What strange world )

[thUg] @ 4/13/2012 16:56 commented on Big Bird

maybe because you could cheat on weekly challenge, you could spam, troll or anything else in the forum, you can congrat and fav yourself ^^

[thUg] @ 4/12/2012 08:15 commented on Big Bird

Oups, i missed that , i'm a brown ninja...

[thUg] @ 4/12/2012 07:40 commented on Eye of the Storm

Hey, I saw this on live streams last saturday, that was my fav of all, I would have voted for it if I had been there.

[thUg] @ 4/11/2012 19:44 commented on Big Bird

I'm a ninja, not a talented one but i'm a ninja anyway

[thUg] @ 1/23/2012 19:14 commented on Big Bird

Surt: A drag with mouse when image is to big instead of sidebar maybe?

Adarias & xxmantisxx: Sorry, I mean the least desirable, because I see lot of artist looking for work and no job offers, and to many programmer job offers, in my country in any case. Think I must have been a coder, ^^ they can make good things alone, Jumpman as exemple. I know artists got lot to do, everything you mentioned and more, like level editing and other modular things.

I think I miss the pressure of working in team, demoscene or game, I'm nearly at 3 years of nothing to do and learning soft now, and nothing to make that can be used and it's myself that feel useless...

[thUg] @ 1/23/2012 15:59 commented on Big Bird

Unfortunately, coders seems to be the most occupied guys, and artists the most useless actualy...

[thUg] @ 1/23/2012 13:16 commented on Big Bird

Finaly put my "Bloody Dot" blog in place (Don't like this name but after something like 300 try and 250 abandoned blogs on blogger, it's the only one I found related to my name or logo ), this way I can now upload anything even not pixel arts, hoping I won't give up like all things I start :(

Jal, it would be nice to see iso from you again, even just to kick a bit EBoy team (Got nothing against EBoy art but fed up with most people thinking pixel art is only iso and especialy EBoy iso style)

I tryed to make a game with Stencyl tools, but it's like suicide doing this alone, especialy if you try to make Wonderboy like game.

Anyone got any project or collab purpose, that can make me escape from my animal going in circles mood?

[thUg] @ 1/14/2012 13:42 commented on Bottle Shark

The greatest idea of this challenge!

[thUg] @ 1/7/2012 16:33 commented on Big Bird

Need help ^^ anyone know a good website for some html to use in blogspot?

[thUg] @ 12/22/2011 11:59 commented on Family Postcard #3

Rou! Désolé, je me sentais obligé de le dire ^^
Cette mockup est geniale, l'idee comme le style.

[thUg] @ 12/19/2011 01:19 commented on Numbers & Symbols

arf I'm dead anyway, it's 9am here

[thUg] @ 11/14/2011 19:28 commented on 10 Place Du Colonel Bourgoin The Game

I forgot to mention that palette came from DawnBringer searches on best palette, even if my palette is not exactly the same, it only due to my software. I think he created the 2 best universal (by universal I mean that can be use for everything and can bring out lot of colors) palettes, a 16 colors one here and a 32 colors here.

[thUg] @ 11/14/2011 13:04 commented on 10 Place Du Colonel Bourgoin The Game

@ DawnBringer: I use an old Paintshop Pro because it got layers, I prefer layer instead of undo and on mockup I often make sprites on an other layer, this way I can move them later without touching tiles. For layers in Paintshop, it must be in 8bits mode and not indexed, so I pass my pic in Pro Motion 5 at the end, because I often create very similar double colors without knowing it.

Don't even know how I create those double colors, because I alway got my palette on one layer and pick on it.

[thUg] @ 10/18/2011 21:55 commented on There's A New Clown In Town

@ DawnBringer: Thanks for the advice, I saw what you mean, I've removed most of bright-blue from BG, that we can see the clown. If only I could understand colors like you.

I've made lot of modifications in fact, hope it's not to much breaking challenge rules, I've done it more for myself (trying to hate this less) than for any rebbon. Apart from that, I don't want to put an apple in it because the only restriction was using Apple II palette (and if I have to put a logo it will be Commodore or Atari ^^) but you can see Pacman, Pacgums and a Ghost if you find it.

[thUg] @ 10/17/2011 14:45 commented on Rinpoche

My fav of this challenge, like how you nicely have used all those weird colors ^^

[thUg] @ 9/3/2011 11:57 commented on Isometric Chaos Engine mockup

@ matt0:

Yes, you're right, my avy is inspired by Gods, something between the intro screen and the box cover art ;)

[thUg] @ 9/1/2011 14:15 commented on Isometric Chaos Engine mockup

Chaos Engine!!! Nicely done, iso mockup aren't easy to make especialy if based on a bitmap bros style. You are right on fact that bullet, items and monsters would make things less empty. That's funny, I've got an abandoned mockup of this game but in side view.

PS: My nickname came from this game ^^