ctrl-alt-delete @ 9/17/2008 16:57 commented on Master cheif (Green)
It'd be interesting to see how the illuminated animation sequences work.

ctrl-alt-delete @ 9/9/2008 05:41 commented on Dogbane Saloon
It's a bottle rolling around, not unlike the bottles in the image.  Same colors, too.  For the subject being a saloon, I don't think it's that different.

ctrl-alt-delete @ 6/1/2008 14:17 commented on The tragic end of Tomato
Nice choice of blue to saturate the background.  It really makes the ripe tomatos pop out of the image.  They look absolutly ripe and delicious!

ctrl-alt-delete @ 6/1/2008 08:57 commented on Storage Cube
I made a set of four on deviantART including a blue and orange portal, but I submitted the cubes seperately here incase anyone wanted to click "Use For Avatar" on Pixel Joint.

ctrl-alt-delete @ 1/28/2008 23:16 commented on Extract of Nature
When a thin bit of water is flowing down the side.  Didn't illustrate that very well, I guess.

ctrl-alt-delete @ 9/24/2007 20:30 commented on Pub Scene
Between the stray chalk lines and the chalky hand print on the board, it looks like someone's been doing a little drinking on the job.  The dim yellow lighting is perfect for this atmosphere, too.  Excellent work.

ctrl-alt-delete @ 8/20/2007 21:37 commented on Exploring Antarctica
Amazing job on the panoramic curvature.  When I make a window view with my fingers and move it along the picture I truely feel like I'm turning around the ship.

ctrl-alt-delete @ 4/8/2007 09:53 commented on jake, elwood, bluesmobile (from right to left)
The high contrast of the brothers and the car against the solid colors of the city background really makes this image pop.  The way they break out of the frame looks great, too.

ctrl-alt-delete @ 2/23/2007 02:27 commented on Toxin of Fear
Thanks!  What is LOZWW?

ctrl-alt-delete @ 1/16/2007 20:35 commented on Colossal Katamari
Amazing detail, and all in 15 colors.  I am especially drawn to the texture in the stone.

ctrl-alt-delete @ 10/29/2006 16:01 commented on Toxin of Fear
I relized that there was an extreme difference in size between the two, but I'm focusing more on symbolic elements rather than reality.  Originally I was going to have claws/fangs dangle from the ring, but they were too dark, thus lacking in contrast.  I added the spider in at the very end just because I thought this needed another animation, and a small spider would not have been recognizable.  But for the sake of scariness and to answer your question, lets say that the spider is huge.

ctrl-alt-delete @ 10/19/2006 21:24 commented on Black Hole POSES!
For me it's not just the anticipation of the ride, it's the anticipation of the whole park.  Having something to look forward to is more exciting than anything... kind of like picking out a Halloween costume or hanging Christmas decorations.  Once the thrill actually arrives, I know it'll soon be over.  I just love having something to look forward to.  Anticipation is what makes something thrilling.  Anything can be expected. 

ctrl-alt-delete @ 10/15/2006 22:27 commented on Pixie Boy

I enjoyed how some sections of the previous artwork were not painted over, but instead incorporated into the next image.    Awesomness.

ctrl-alt-delete @ 10/9/2006 16:51 commented on Pixel - Sushi 2.0
What a fancy and colorful spread!  I'm not much of a sushi fan, either, but this is making me hungry.  Great variety of items and sauces.

ctrl-alt-delete @ 10/8/2006 00:29 commented on Zombie Dragon
Awesome color choices.  Very bold against all that heavy, solid black.  The detailed fracturing in the bones looks wonderful as well.

ctrl-alt-delete @ 10/5/2006 18:39 commented on bank maybe :)
Wonderful color and texture.  I like how you can see the interior wall when the doors open.

ctrl-alt-delete @ 10/3/2006 07:09 commented on Wobb (Logo)
It looks very earthy, kind of like an overhead view of the earth itself.  Even the reflections could be interpreted as clouds.  Awesome work!  The background placement is great, too.

ctrl-alt-delete @ 10/2/2006 15:02 commented on Angler Fish
Fixed the teeth and contrast.  Better now? 

ctrl-alt-delete @ 10/1/2006 16:58 commented on Adam and Eve
But it is, and one of the best I must say.  Just look at zoomed view.  No bluring, limited colors, all pixels.

ctrl-alt-delete @ 5/13/2006 19:07 commented on SporeMan
Invader Zim lasted less than a year and it has a gazillion fans.  It premiered in March 2001 and was cancelled in January 2002, yet to this day Nickelodeon still makes new IZ merchandice.

ctrl-alt-delete @ 4/9/2006 06:30 commented on Sepia Room
I love ancient maps, and the way this covers the walls is just beautiful.  I really like how the sea monster surfaces from the floor.

ctrl-alt-delete @ 2/18/2006 19:13 commented on Train

Your color choice is excellent, and all the different styles of cars make it look like a real train is running past my eyes.  I like how you even added the light on the track between the cars. 

ctrl-alt-delete @ 1/11/2006 18:16 commented on Cornelius
Your style makes it look like it was carved out of a chunk of wood.  I like it. 

ctrl-alt-delete @ 1/10/2006 16:59 commented on The Grey Pilgrim
I just saw John Howe's picture for the first time yesterday and knew this looked familiar!  I love the reflective light on the hat and cloak. 

ctrl-alt-delete @ 12/20/2005 09:44 commented on jack
aa is anti-aliasing, basically the use of varied shades of a color to keep an outline from looking grainy.