Papou008 @ 9/4/2016 12:18 commented on 3D3

Nice work !

Is it the last metabaron ?

Papou008 @ 6/16/2016 13:27 commented on Gespenst

The sprite is very nice but animation is better again !

Bravo !

Papou008 @ 5/31/2016 03:10 commented on Porco Rosso

You have been able to concerve Mayazaki' style with so less pixels ! Smiles of the childrens make mee feel in Ponyo.

Great work !

Papou008 @ 5/31/2016 03:02 commented on Beautiful view

Thanks for your comments !

I don't like so much ditheringbut here I had no choice and it works well.

For animation, I wanted to make it old school with no color animation and moving slow objects like it is necessarily
jerky because we can't move it less than 1px. And thanks to it, the gif isn't too big ^^.

Papou008 @ 5/24/2016 13:32 commented on Welcome to the future

Thanks :)

Papou008 @ 5/22/2016 05:55 commented on The Lantern Bearer

Great job.

With so few colors you can really make something great !

Papou008 @ 5/22/2016 05:52 commented on Dragon

Waw, so impressive !

It would be quite hard to animate isn't it ? ;D

Papou008 @ 5/22/2016 05:48 commented on Tactical RPG Mockup

Very nice ISO view !

We would like to see more :)

Papou008 @ 5/22/2016 03:30 commented on Ondin

Thank you !
This is an honor to recive this kind of message from you !

Papou008 @ 5/8/2016 17:39 commented on Falcon - MUGEN character

Very nice sprite, it look like a CPS II SFAlpha sprite.

Animation is clean and the number of frames reflect a huge work !
You can really be proud about this excellent job !

Papou008 @ 4/19/2016 14:04 commented on Deer

Ahah excellent ! 

Papou008 @ 4/10/2016 13:13 commented on Chaos Eater

Excellent !

It look like a metal slug 3 sprite :D

Papou008 @ 4/10/2016 13:05 commented on Firebrand

Yes, all colors are all from NES palette.
Then, when I saw that colors I wanted to pick first didn't exist in the palette, I was a little desapointed, but I found somes alternative that work...

Papou008 @ 4/3/2016 14:18 commented on IsoMario

Yes, but this is a simple swap color sprite.
So it's an other Mario, a green Mario ^^.