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the Doors room by kiwidesign

this is a sort of "doors control room", inspired also by "Monster&Co." movie....
My Crib by TakeOut

 This is my bed room or was at least last month. I moved it now and got new furniture.

If you really want to know what my room looks like now, just picture my entertainment system on the opposite side of my computer desk, my bed where my entertainment system used to be, and a small lounge where my bed used to be.
Batman Room by CircleOfTheDarkOnes

The animation didn't come out quite as good as i had hoped :/
Hogwarts Bathroom Apartment by Faktablad

Made for the PixelJoint apartment series, obviously.  It's a scene in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets where Gilderoy Lockhart is pushed down into the Chamber by Harry and Ron.  I don't even want to know how many colors I used.    Comments?
The Joint elevator by pixelblink

Sure there are elevators, but where are the stairs? What happens if there's a fire? Simple solution really... trampolines.
The Cell by Ensellitis

When you can't separate reality from fantasy, they throw you into the "padded room."  That doesn't mean you still can't separate the two... 
The Joint "A Brand" Room No.2 by Varock Shade

This is my second ISO pixel, and second room for The Joint. I would prefer if this apartment was places on the 14th floor, to make the idea behind the first room more clearly (I dont know if they are placed by mods themselves or automatic, but there are empty apartments on the 5th floor)...
Dirty Garage :) by zi-double

I'm glad to make this work for "The Joint" ... Well I know, there haven't place for garage and cars can't fly from 5 floor , but I like idea "The Joint" and hope to see many nice works there :)

Thanks for all comments in the forum of "Pixeljoint" ...


:) GDGB :)

zi_weekend warrior by zi-double

Appartment for "The Joint" ... 


Name hm ... "weekend warrior" !

Why ? ... because havn't much time for pixels - only weekends 

I know much people will say "very excess of details", but ... when you havn't time then throw all on the floor and make pixels

When have another work ... maybe next weekend 

Of course, well appreciate all comments and C&C ...


:) GDGB :)

Home Arcade by matthewcosta

A gamer gets frustrated and takes a break.
Lamp post (Light Test) by matthewcosta

Trying out lighting effects for the very first time. It was fun to make, tell me what you think.
Hitchcock's balcony by kvetacek

I hope, I won't offend any Hitchcock fan with my little piece :)

(I was inspired by some photos: http://www.whirligig-tv.co.uk/tv/adults/hitchcock/hitchcock.jpg, http://www.hitchcock.se/Images/hitchcock4.jpg, http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_BMBcNTkgjnM/SHQ1_nBOQgI/AAAAAAAAA5A/dsLWvysYw00/s320/Hitchcock%2BRaven061.jpg)

Kiss of the Spider by darchangel

I've been wanting to do something for the Joint for quite a while, but there is never enough time to do all you want to do...better late than never.

32 colors including transparency.

Can I get 4th Floor, position 13 please?


Reference images: marvelsuperstars.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/spiderman4.jpg


***EDIT #2***

Had to correct the colors, somehow they got messed up when I uploaded the first time



What's up Doc? by darchangel

My second balcony to the Joint.

This time I used 58 colors, mostly in part to having that transparent glass (I wanted to show Ensellitis' room through the window) and the light coming out of the hole on the wall.

Reference image: www.stillontheshelf.com/4images/data/media/1/DocOck.gif

Daily round - balcony by zi-double

I want to make animation, but always haven't time and want to post here  ... and start balcony for second floor :)


:) GDGB :)

2 stop laundry shop by gpix13

Hey, if you can get to it, there's a free washer... right there...

What's that? You don't see a dryer?? Oh, just go down and hang'em on Rifts washing balcony. He'll probably let ya...