New Apartments

Here are the newest pixel art apartments for The Joint project.
Fortune teller by saurion

 The lady is out for the moment but please come inside and wait a spell while you ponder your questions.

Get Away by jonathanred

Tucked away in a tiny little corner is a peaceful beach .

Balcony Tardis by ZeroOne_01

Doctor Who?

The Toxic Avenger Balcony by Gavralcraw

A Joint Balcony. I had done an iso Toxic Avenger sprite (ref movie poster), then some toxic waste barrels (ref doom), then decided to do a balcony (ref Wally Wood from EC comics, Pixelkiwi's Red 7 room and Jalanso's base balcony).  

Victorian Balcony by feyincognito

 Just a little balcony for The Joint. :)

Boba's BBQ by Gavralcraw

A balcony for the Joint. Kinda got carried away. Featuring Lala the Twi'lek dancer, Zootles Rebo and SK-1 the gonk droid. Plus Boba's pet plant snarfle and lots of disposable slave girls. Lotsa pixel detail here - not much skill but hopefully some fun. .

Bee Hive for the Joint by Professor_Max

Get this Party started.. by Spiderkaas

Everything you need!

The Balcony! - The Joint by .:legend:.

Well a simple porch inspired by a house that I saw these days, for the joint.

To view the case: : [IMG]

Paint Windows 7 3D-The Joint by .:legend:.

 Paint Windows 7 3D...

3D Mario World - The Joint by .:legend:.

 3D Super mario World...

de_dust_balcony by Venny

 eu editei agora arrumando a parte que nao estava em pixel art 

Simple room by Venny

 meu quarto da vida real realmente existe =D

Mario Kart! by Thehawkz

The Accursed Balcony of R'lyeh by Batmanifestdestiny

Woe be unto the foolhardy adventurer who dared look upon the eldritch things beyond this door.

Secret Door by Sterner Regnix

Floor 17, Balcony 14 for The Joint. (hence the plant from the inside room) My first contribution to The Joint. (how have I missed this?!)

I think it's also my first piece without using a harsh black outline and I'm now out of my depth and comfort zone!

Made quickly for the Joint using tiles I'm working on for another piece as they fitted quite nicely.

Inspired by

What's up Doc? by darchangel

My second balcony to the Joint.

This time I used 58 colors, mostly in part to having that transparent glass (I wanted to show Ensellitis' room through the window) and the light coming out of the hole on the wall.

Reference image:

Kiss of the Spider by darchangel

I've been wanting to do something for the Joint for quite a while, but there is never enough time to do all you want to do...better late than never.

32 colors including transparency.

Can I get 4th Floor, position 13 please?


Reference images:

***EDIT #2***

Had to correct the colors, somehow they got messed up when I uploaded the first time



Balcony L by fawful


Jalonso style balcony claim.

There are enough empty spaces to do this sort of thing so why not.


Balcony U by fawful


Jalonso style balcony claim.

There are enough empty spaces to do this sort of thing so why not.